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THE WORD IS OUT—Deschutes County is a desirable place to live. While growth can present challenges, it also provides remarkable opportunities for innovation in how we serve the community. In 2014 Deschutes Public Library began a visioning process with the people of Deschutes County to explore what they’d like to see in their future libraries. After six years of planning and meeting with more than 6,500 community members, we brought our vision to the voters—and they supported the Library’s bond measure to expand and improve libraries across the county. We are excited to put vision into action to provide outstanding library spaces and services for decades to come.

What’s happening in Redmond?

Like much of Central Oregon, Redmond has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 20 years. The Redmond Library serves as a dynamic community hub, and we’re excited to grow that hub to a 40,000-square-foot library befitting the growth of the city. The new library will remain in its current location between Cascade and Deschutes Avenues.

The current Redmond Library is scheduled to close in mid-January 2023 in preparation for the expansion. Once that location closes, a temporary Redmond Library will open at 2127 S Highway 97 in Redmond. We anticipate the new Redmond Library to open its doors in Fall 2024.

What’s happening with the La Pine, Sisters, and Sunriver Libraries?

These smaller, neighborhood libraries are beloved by their communities and are being renovated to bring their services and collections into the 21st Century. All three libraries will close temporarily during renovations.

La Pine Library & Sisters Library: These libraries will close in January 2023; they’ll re-open in the Fall 2023. Both of these popular libraries are located in the civic hearts of their communities, near the downtown areas and near schools. Each location’s planned renovation will create bright and open spaces that welcomes the community with amenities such as flexible meeting and tutoring rooms, an enhanced children’s discovery space, a cozy fireplace and reading area, and a large community gathering space. The temporary La Pine Library will open just across the parking lot at the John C. Johnson Building (16405 B 1st Street in La Pine). The temporary Sisters Library will be on the site of the current library, on the corner of Main and Cedar.

Sunriver Library: The Sunriver Library will temporarily close for its remodel in Summer 2023.

What’s happening with the planned library location at Stevens Ranch in east Bend?

DPL is currently in the due diligence period for the purchase of a 10-acre parcel at Stevens Ranch in east Bend. Once the due diligence is complete, designs for the new library will continue. The Stevens Ranch location will provide: large community gathering spaces, study rooms, and innovative DIY/creative spaces; an interactive discovery space for children to learn and play; a co-working space for busy professionals; computer labs with the latest technologies; and an expanded materials’ collection for readers of all ages.

Is the Downtown Bend Library closing?

No. The Downtown Bend Library, currently the largest library in the Deschutes Public Library system, is not closing. Plans for a robust remodel—which will feature more public spaces, additional meeting rooms, and a DIY space—are underway. This will be the last library in the Deschutes Public Library System to be remodeled, likely in 2025.

What about the current East Bend Library?

The current East Bend Library location is the only location that is not owned by the Deschutes Public Library District; the library is currently in year three of the location’s five year lease. The East Bend Library will remain open through at least its lease term.

Will I still be able to get books, even if the library closest to me temporarily closes?

Yes! The La Pine, Sisters, and Redmond Libraries will have smaller, satellite locations in operation during the closure for customers to pick up and check out books, as well as do limited browsing. We are also partnering with other organizations in each community to provide space for library programs.

Is the Library building a performing arts center?

No, the Library is not building a performing arts center at any of its current or planned locations. All libraries will include enhanced meeting and programming spaces of varying sizes, which was one of the top requests made by the more than 6,500 people who took part in visioning future library spaces.

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