The Deschutes Public Library is a forum for information and ideas and serves as your community’s gathering space for people of all origin, age, background and views. We encourage you to discover your voice and to listen to the voices of others within your community, and beyond, as they share ideas, concerns and aspirations.

The library provides materials and information presenting varied points of view on current and historical issues. The library’s free resources, services and programs are available for the enlightenment of all residents in Deschutes County. Join in and connect at our monthly programs, the Author! Author! literary series, the monthly book clubs, and so much more at your local library.

Over the last year we've heard a lot about personal “echo chambers,” wherein we often read information that reinforces our existing points of view. Would you like to challenge the echo chamber? One of our free online resources can help you do just that: Opposing Viewpoints in Context. From free trade to immigration, and cloning to gun control, you’ll find nearly 500 contemporary controversies and hot topics---all approached from multiple viewpoints, and through a variety of voices.

Opposing Viewpoints

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