Educator Cards

This library card is designed for both personal library use as well as for those in the teaching arena: teachers who work in public, private, or charter schools and those who homeschool.

What is the difference between a resident card and an educator card?

Resident Card Educator Card
Check out items for... 3 weeks (21 days) 4 weeks (28 days)
Request up to... 15 items at one time 30 items at one time

How do I get an educator card?

  • Educator cards will only be issued in person at a Deschutes Public Library.
  • Please bring pertinent documentation with you, for example:
    • Teachers – bring current school identification or a letter from your principal or director stating that you are currently employed by the school.
    • Charter schools must be under jurisdiction of a Deschutes County school district for their teachers to qualify for an educator card.
    • Home school – show staff a copy of the registration sent by High Desert Education Service District confirming your child is being homeschooled. If your copy of this registration has been misplaced, please contact Stacy Kelley, Home School Coordinator for High Desert Education Service District, - phone 541-693-5656 or email . She will be happy to send you a copy of the registration.
      • Please note that parents of children attending charter schools are not eligible for an educator library card as children attending charter schools are considered to be public school students by the State of Oregon and do not meet the criteria for homeschool.
  • Complete the relevant section of the educator library card application, sign and return to the library.
  • Staff will verify your documentation.
  • Sign the library card – this signifies acceptance of financial responsibility for all items checked out on the card.
  • The card is valid for one year from the date issued.
  • The educator card needs to be renewed annually and in person at a Deschutes Public Library. Please bring your documentation and a recently completed educator card application (both are required for renewal).

What if I already have a resident card?

Present your library card in person to staff at any Deschutes Public Library along with either current school identification or a copy of homeschool registration from High Desert Educational Service District and a completed educator card application. Staff will update your library card to an educator card.

What happens to my resident card when I get an educator card?

You will keep the same library card number and physical library card (so your library apps, like Libby and Hoopla, can continue using the same account). Library staff will update your account in our system so you get educator check-out lengths and hold limits.

If I qualify, do I have to get an educator card instead of a resident card?

You are not required to get an educator card if you qualify for one. You can choose between either an educator card or a resident card. See the table above for an explanation of differences.

What happens once I am no longer an educator or homeschooler?

Your educator card will revert back to a resident card. Please check in with staff at a Deschutes Public Library location to update your contact information, and notify us of your status change so you can continue using library services.

Page Last Modified Wednesday, March 8, 2023