Using the Library

How do I get a card?

If you live in Deschutes County,

  • Apply in-person at one of our Libraries. Go to “Requirements” to find out what you need to bring with you to get instant access to all Library resources
  • Apply online and the Library will mail you a Library card.

Apply online

Library Card Requirements

Library Cards are issued upon completing the application. Guidelines to receive a library card are listed below. Children's cards require a parent or guardian’s signature.

Both photo ID and proof of residency in Deschutes County are required to get a library card

  1. A valid photo ID includes photo with name such as:
    • Driver’s license (only item needed if it is an Oregon license with current address in Deschutes County)
    • State identification card
    • Military ID
    • Costco card
    • Passport
  2. Any of the following documents (paper or digital) can be used to provide a current Deschutes County address needed for proof of residency. Name of individual applying for card must be on the document.
    • Oregon Driver’s license with current Deschutes County address
    • Current utility bill in applicant's name
    • Motor vehicle registration
    • Imprinted checks
    • Fishing and/or hunting license
    • Lease/rental agreement
    • Deed to real property
    • Property tax statement
    • Personal mail with physical address postmarked within 30 days

Youth Under 17

For those under the age of 17, a parent or legal guardian’s signature is required on the Library card application. By filling out the appropriate information and signing the application, the parent or guardian is responsible for:

  • All materials checked out on the Library card
  • Deciding what materials are appropriate for their children
  • Allowing the use and type of Internet access (filtered or nonfiltered)while in the Library

Non-Resident Library Cards

Library cards are available to those who do not have a permanent address in Deschutes County. These cards are available on a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis.

A non-resident card entitles users to the same privileges as a resident library cardholder except where due to contractual reasons, access to databases or applications is unavailable.

Non-Resident Yearly - $195
Non-Resident Quarterly - $55
Non-Resident Monthly - $20

Lost Library card / Replacement card

If you’ve lost or misplaced your library card, please notify library staff as soon as possible (Library phone numbers and hours ).

A replacement card is available from your local library at no charge. Please be sure to bring photo identification. If you are under the age of 17 and don’t have a photo ID, your parent or guardian will need to be present and present their photo ID.

Page Last Modified Wednesday, March 8, 2023