Future Libraries: Expansions and Improvements

After six years of planning and meeting with more than 6,500 community members, Deschutes Public Library is putting vision into action to provide outstanding library spaces and services for decades to come. A bond measure approved by Deschutes County voters will fund the design and construction of an approximately 90,000-square-foot library to serve all Deschutes County residents. Bond funds are also paying for doubling the square footage of the Redmond Library and will renovate and update existing libraries in Downtown Bend, East Bend, La Pine, Sisters, and Sunriver.

Redmond Library Update

January 15 - Fall 2024
Library closed to allow for construction of new library

January 23, 2023
Temporary library now open at
2127 S Highway 97

Sisters Library Update

January 15 - Fall 2023
Library closed to allow for remodeling

October 28, 2023
Grand opening celebration noon–2 p.m.

La Pine Library Update

January 26 - Fall 2023
Library closed to allow for remodeling

October 14, 2023
Grand opening celebration noon - 2 p.m.

Sunriver Library Update

10/15 – Summer 2024
Library closed to allow for remodeling

10/24 – Summer 2024
Temporary library open in parking lot

Summer 2024
Sunriver Library re-opens to the public

Current Proposed Schedule

Project Construction
Sisters Library January 2023 October 2023
La Pine Library January 2023 October, 2023
Sunriver Library Late Summer 2023 Spring 2024
Redmond Library January 2023 Fall 2024
Stevens Ranch Library in East Bend January 2024 January 2026
Downtown Bend Library January 2026 September 2026
East Bend Library (leased space) TBD TBD

Coming soon

East Bend Library and Downtown Bend Library

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