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A Novel Idea...Read Together 2004

In 1999, Nancy Pearl of the Seattle Public Library asked, “What if everybody read the same book?’’ Her question resulted in the nation’s first community reading project. Since then, libraries and communities across the country have embraced the idea and offered similar projects.

What would happen if everyone in Deschutes County read the same book? The benefits could be as simple as building a sense of community through discussions of a mutual interest or as complex as breaking down certain barriers within our county. Whatever the outcome, “A Novel Idea...Read Together” celebrates the importance of books and the role they play in our diverse community.

book jacket Deschutes Public Library invites you to experience “A Novel Idea...Read Together.” We have selected The River Why, the first novel by David James Duncan, as our inaugural book. Included on the San Francisco Chronicle’s list of the hundred best fiction books of the twentieth century and written by an author from the western United States, The River Why has regional appeal and important central themes that provide stimulating material for interesting discussions.

Getting involved in “A Novel Idea” is easy. Simply check out The River Why from your branch library or pick up a copy at a local bookstore. Read the book and use the discussion guide to explore Duncan’s novel. Talk about the book with friends and neighbors. Attend a program sponsored by the library or organize your own discussion group. Enjoy reading a great book, building a sense of community, and discovering the power of books.

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