ONLINE ONLY: Writers Working - Critique Group Workshop

Sunday, January 09, 2022
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Bring two pages or two poems to share with a group for critique.

This is a live, interactive meeting. Click here to join the meeting.

Participants will be divided into breakout rooms in Zoom to share and critique pieces. Please ensure your camera and microphone are working.

Guidelines for the Critique Group:

* Share what you liked and what you thought worked well in the piece.
* Identify areas that you don't understand or where communication with the reader breaks down.
* Identify craft-related areas of concern (point of view, verb tense, clarity, filtering, redundancy, cliché, sensory details, metaphor, dialogue, narration, pacing, drama, back story, action, intent, scene, structure, etc.).
* Identify craft-related areas of possibility (same list).
* Do not micromanage or try to rewrite for the author; focus on the piece in front of you, not what you would have written.
* Be nice. Be honest. Be of service.

For the Author During Workshop:

*Be quiet and listen actively.
*If you need to explain the piece during workshop, it means the information isn't on the page.
*Make notes of what you hear and want to say, so that you can include it in your revision.
*After feedback is offered, thank everyone for their time, and ask and answer questions.
*You may hear a lot of different opinions, but always remember this is your work and you get to decide how it is written.
*Bear in mind that if you get the same feedback from a lot of people, it's certainly worth taking note.


Critique Group
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Adult Program
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Deschutes Public Library
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