ONLINE ONLY: Know Timber - Cavity-Nesting Birds and Snag Habitat

Monday, November 15, 2021
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
All Branches
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Hear the latest research on the usefulness of created snags as bird habitat in the Pacific Northwest.

Snags, or standing dead trees, are incredibly important structures that provide habitat for nearly 100 different species in Oregon including 39 different cavity-nesting birds! These structures are often created in managed forest lands across the Pacific Northwest in the hopes that they will provide foraging and nesting habitat, however little is known about whether or not they are actually useful. Our research was conducted as a part of a long term study to assess the usefulness of created snags as bird habitat over 25 years.

Amy Barry has conducted wildlife research and surveys for various organizations across the Northwest including the National Park Service, NCASI, Army Corps of Engineers, Point Blue, and The Institute for Applied Ecology. She received her Masters of Science from Oregon State University in 2017, and later went on to work for the OSU College Forest where she helped design and implement monitoring protocol for woodpecker nest sites in managed forests. She enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, and teaching her young kids bird calls!

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Adult Program
Adult Program
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Amy Barry
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