ONLINE ONLY: Know Mystery - The Power of Conspiracy Theories

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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This talk examines the current psychology research on the topic of conspiracy theories.

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Have famous people died and been replaced by look-alikes? Is there a group of international elites that control all aspects of modern life to maintain world domination? Were past human races actually blood-drinking, shape-shifting alien reptiles? Was HIV created by the CIA? This talk will examine the current psychology research on the topic of conspiracy theories. Dr. Andria Woodell will discuss some of the popular themes of conspiracy, why and when are people more likely to believe them, and how can we can better protect ourselves from falling into the misinformation trap.

Dr. Andria Woodell is a Professor of Psychology at Central Oregon Community College. In 2017, she was the recipient of the Burlington COCC Faculty Achievement Award which recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated significant achievements in classroom teaching, leadership, and professional excellence. She is passionate about serving as a translator of psychological science to the general public. Her presentations, publications, and trainings often focus on how to apply psychological topics to empower allies to take action against hate, educate people on psychology topics that are misrepresented to the public, and how to implement positive psychology tactics to create healthier workplace cultures. Some of her more colorful presentations have been for the DPL Know Series where she had the opportunity to share current research on infamous psychology research scandals, why people are interested in life after death, and exploring why there is a fascination with serial murder.

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Adult Program
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Dr. Andria Woodell
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