ONLINE ONLY: Hearing in Color

Thursday, April 22, 2021
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
All Branches
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Join us on a journey into the experiences of a synesthete and learn what it is like to hear in color.

Synesthesia is a very rare neurological condition in which one or more sensory pathways become intertwined. When one is sense activated, another unrelated sense is activated at the same time.

For Chris Thomas (a composer), the experience of hearing sound activates an involuntary swirl of colors and textures. The vivid sensation of hearing music in color is a blessing and a curse. While synesthesia offers a unique artistic perspective, the involuntary nature of the condition can be a constant distraction.

This discussion will cover the experience of living with synesthesia, its impact on daily life, and how it can become part of the creative process. Chris will even bring a series of colors and perform the sounds related to them. Participants will observe a work of art, then listen to how it "sounds."

Chris Thomas is a composer for film, television, theme parks, and a TEDx speaker. His scores have won the Gold Medal Prize at the Park City Film Music Festival, Hollywood Music in Media Award, and Best Film & TV Music award at eWorld Music Awards. Chris has written music for several Emmy-nominated films, and for Woman Rebel, which was shortlisted for an Academy Award. In television, he works as a composer, orchestrator, and conductor for networks such as ABC, FOX, CBS, and HBO.

Chris's work can be heard in theme parks all over the world. He has written music for the Evermore Adventure Park, Knott's Berry Farm, Queen Mary Chill, Dreamland Theme Park (UK), Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, and many more.

Chris's works for the concert hall have been performed from Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, to the Hollywood Bowl. He recently premiered a series of concert works in France, Belgium, and Germany. His Symphony #1 (the Malheur Symphony) was the subject of a TED Talk in 2019. His works are published with The FJH Music Company, Walton Choral, Wingert-Jones Publications, and Carl Fischer Music.

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Chris Thomas
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Adult Program
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Chris Thomas
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