ONLINE ONLY: New Year's Book Launch & Tarot Salon with Dr. Emily Carr and Guests

Sunday, January 10, 2021
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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Dr. Emily Carr, author of Name Your Bird Without a Gun: A Tarot Romance (Spork 2020); Dr. Nick Clarkson, an amateur astrologer and Gender Studies professor; and Dr. Avni Vyas, a poet and Professor of Rhetoric present a conversation about poetry and the Tarot.

The event includes:

Ø a poetry reading that sparks your own creativity & jolts you into poems you didn't know you had inside you (yes, YOU! We all have poems inside us.)
Ø a Tarot salon that offers you an intuitive approach to reading Tarot for yourself (however new you may or may not be to the Tarot)
Ø an opportunity for collaborating, connecting, and creating with poetry & Tarot as the focal point.

What can you expect?

Ø a short poetry reading from Dr. Carr's Tarot romance
Ø Dr. Carr & Dr. Clarkson in conversation about the Tarot, focusing on the cards featured in the reading
Ø Dr. Carr & Dr. Vyas in conversation about poetic process, focusing on storytelling & the Tarot
Ø opportunities for you to join the conversation and ask questions/share your experience/ideas
Ø provocations to catalyze your own creative endeavors, whether those happen on or off the page!

Emily Carr is a Tarot storyteller, ransom artist, divorce poet, and ecofeminist teacher. After she got an MFA in poetry from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, she took a doctorate in ecopoetics at the University of Calgary. These days, she's Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at New College of Florida. Her McSweeney's collection, whosoever has let a minotaur enter them, or a sonnet-,, inspired a beer of the same name, brewed at the Ale Apothecary in Bend, Oregon. Emily's Tarot romance, Name Your Bird Without A Gun, is now available from Spork. Emily has published essays on storytelling and the Tarot in American Poetry Review (September/October 2019) and the Writer's Chronicle (Spring 2020).

Avni Vyas is a poet and co-author of Candy In Our Brains (CutBank 2014). Avni is also the Essays Editor for Honey Literary. Her work has been published in journals such as Meridian, Grist,The Pinch, Rigorous Mag, Juked, and others. She teaches in the Writing Program at New College of Florida.

Dr. Nick Clarkson is an Assistant Professor of Gender Studies at New College of Florida, a budding creative writer, and a multi-disciplinary woo aficionado. He is working on a creative non-fiction book examining the relationship between trans and non-trans gay masculinities to illustrate possibilities for healing from the ordinary traumas of homophobia and transphobia. He regularly consults the tarot and the stars for healing and writing guidance.

Dr. Emily Carr
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Adult Program
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Dr. Emily Carr, Dr. Avni Vyas, & Dr. Nick Clarkson
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