ONLINE ONLY Know Sci Fi & Fantasy: Spirits of the World

Thursday, October 22, 2020
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Get ready for a fun and frightening journey with Ghost Hunters' Dustin Pari.

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Dustin Pari has had the good fortune to have been a part of investigations in 26 countries across the globe, conducting research upon six of the seven continents. In this special lecture he shares some of his favorite stories from investigations in Irish castles, French chateaus, Australian prisons, and more! Grab your passport and prepare for a fun and frightening journey!

With over 25 years of experience researching the unknown, Dustin Pari brings exciting and positive lectures about the paranormal all across the country, As a part of SyFy television's Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and appearances on Destination Truth and Ghost Nation, Dustin has traveled the world over looking for answers and expanding his understanding of the unseen realm.

Dustin's fascination with the paranormal began with an encounter he had with a spirit in his childhood home. In his efforts to better understand what had happened, and why, he has traveled across the United States to 27 countries upon 6 different continents, learning a little more with each step of his journey.

Throughout the year he travels as an invited guest lecturer at the largest paranormal and spiritual conferences and conventions in the country. He has been interviewed by television's Anderson Cooper, and has done radio shows and podcasts all around the globe. He has written two books based upon his findings and his unique approach to the paranormal.

Dustin is known for his wacky and slightly offbeat sense of humor, which helps to balance the light and dark material that can make up the paranormal world. In addition to conducting his paranormal research, Dustin also does a lot of work as a motivational speaker, suicide awareness advocate, and Christian lecturer.

When not touring the lecture circuit, Dustin is the COO of a surgical practice based in New England. In his limited free time he enjoys being with his family, watching NASCAR, listening to music, and taking in a good slice of pie from a greasy late-night diner.

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