Redmond: Tiempo - Cycles Poetry and Music Performance

Saturday, February 08, 2020
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Redmond Library
Multi-Purpose Room
Bridging gaps between different cultures and perspectives through music, art, and poetry.

Pedro World Citizen & V. Falcón Vázquez bridge gaps between different cultures and perspectives becoming interpreters of people's voices through music, art, and poetry. Thus, communicating the past and present day world affairs as they discover their own voice with the intention of creating a vision of unity and healing for future generations. "Tiempo - Cycles", is the reflection of what time means for each one of us. It is a human construct we all experience differently according to our perspectives, cultures, calendars, seasons, memories, and history. This project challenges us to see that what is true to you might not be true to another based on our perspective. The interpretation of time is not all the same yet it is lived together.

V. Falcón Vázquez
Falcón Vázquez is a contemporary poet shedding light on social, cultural and gender issues through the awareness of self. Integrating body, mind, and spirit she allows the audience to become aware of their own identities and realities shifting the perspective that even though we go through our own stories we are not alone. In her work she has created a fusion of different writing styles giving a unique life to each poem challenging the norms of poetry and many times prefers to write in free verse venturing out to experience an abstract truth.
She has been published in three different anthologies in the US and Spain: "Poesía Erótica" (Madrid, Spain), an anthology exploring a safe and inoffensive expression of poetic eroticism; "1era Antología Oregoniana", an anthology featuring Spanish poetry in Oregon; and "Terra Incognita", Oregon poets write for Ecological, Social, Political, and Economic Justice. She has also been published in the magazine "Nuestra Andalucía" (Cádiz, Spain), with poetry translated to Andaluz Spanish. Falcón Vázquez continues expressing life's learning and healing through her books. Her first book, "Trazos de mí" (Traces of Me), written at the age of 30, featuring 30 poems in Spanish, letting go of life experiences of hurt and struggle through poetic healing. "Tiempo" (Time), looks through life and its circumstances diving deep in time, moment and space preparing us to the path of self-love. "Love" (Amor), inspired on the discovery of self-love and self-healing, accepting all of our struggles and taking responsibility for our healing. Holding ourselves through every part of who we are and embracing all of what we've become.
By creating space for magical realism, healing verses, and raw emotions Falcón Vázquez, has discovered poetry as a medicine for the heart and soul.

Pedro World Citizen
Pedro's efforts to transcend barriers brings together an eclectic world sound integrating Blues, Rock, Reggae, Rap, Ambient Electronic Piano Soundtracks and Latin Fusion using Spanish, English and Pedro's Language. Seeing himself as a World Citizen has led him to perform and record songs inspired from a diversity of meaningful writings from around the world including India, China, Middle East, and Mexico. Pedro is currently remixing African American Spirituals into Reggae songs along with writing Songs reflecting his Cuban roots and Piano Instrumental Soundtracks following the Seasons of the Year. Pedro now shares and incorporates different continent world-views sharing our unity in coexistence through the power of music.

Tiempo - Cycles Poetry and Music
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Adult Program
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Pedro World Citizen & V. Falcón Vázquez
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