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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
All Branches
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Hear the winners of the Central Oregon Writers Guild Annual Contest.

Adult Fiction
1st place: Chris Hannas "Johnny Pucks"
2nd Place: Lynda Sather "Maddie's Journey"
3rd Place: Patsy Stagner "The Hole in My Glove"
Honorable Mentions: Susan Frank "Glitter Path", Tamara Marnell "The Richest Woman in the World"

Adult Nonfiction
1st Place: Daniel Murphy "Listing to the Right"
2nd Place:​ Lori Greenstone "Carpet Ride"
3rd Place: Judy Dugan "The Banana Republic Game"
​Honorable Mention: Pat Kruis-Tellinghusen "To Our Neighbors in Burns, Oregon"

Adult Poetry
1st Place: Patty Palmer-Baker "Eyebrow Bear"
2nd Place: Carolyn Tate "Me, Jungle"
3rd Place: Tess Marino "And Then, White Pelicans"
​Honorable Mention: Randy Workman "We'll Be Right Back After These Messages"

Youth Fiction
1st Place: Mckenzie Leary "When Fate Aligns"
2nd Place: Darcy Hays "Bloodsport"
3rd Place: Nicole Morgen "Shatter"
​Honorable Mention: Reed Luppens "Seven-Minute Mile"

Youth Poetry
1st Place: Sophie App Singer "Why It's Hard To Love A Poet"
2nd Place: Nicole Morgen "My Darling Husband Sam"
3rd Place: Darcy Hays "Skin Deep"

Children's Literature
1st Place: Denice Lewis "Her Eyes"
2nd Place: Minda DeBudge "The Mystery of the Basement Boogies"
3rd Place: Cameron Prow "Elmer's Miracles"
​Honorable Mention: Megan Hoffman "Ziggy Moves"

To read the pieces, go to or click on the link below.

The mission of Central Oregon Writers Guild is to provide Central Oregon area writers a forum for mutual support and education through meetings, annual events and workshops. Their goal is to advance growth and success for individual writers of all genres and at all skill levels. Founded in 2002, the Guild is a non-profit organization, where volunteers coordinate the group's activities.

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