Redmond: Know Japan - Traditional Origami Workshop

Tuesday, February 04, 2020
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Redmond Library
Discover the art of paper folding and how intricate it can be!

Join us for an Origami workshop to create fun traditional origami items. Start with some basic folds and easier origami items like the Samurai helmet, balloon, heart, and jumping frog and then work your way to the origami crane - the most iconic of origami animals.

Leela Morimoto has been folding Origami for almost 30 years - starting with cranes, houses, and balloons. Over time she became enamored with modular origami and spent all of her free time folding to create every combination of shapes possible. This led to designing a custom shape, now her most popular line of jewelry (she even has a patent pending).

Leela says "dynamic textures, colors, and patterns surround us every day: what better medium to capture this fascination than in paper, where options are almost endless!" She has made blueprints into earrings, art prints into night lights, and even translated origami shapes into 2-D silhouettes to cut out of acrylic and bamboo plywood.

Leela Morimoto
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Adult Program
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Leela Morimoto
Laurel Westendorf | | 541-312-1029