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La Pine: Know News - The Ethics of Journalism in the Digital Age

Thursday, November 21, 2019
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
La Pine Library
Meeting Room
Analyze the ethics of media in today's digital world.

When fourteen instructors and administrators from across the disciplines gathered to shape curriculum for Oregon State University's new Applied Journalism Program, one concern emerged across the board: how do we best educate our students on the interplay of law and ethics in an intensely digitized and globalized world? How to account for political and cultural difference while encouraging time-honored principles? What tools might we use to help students develop their own critical stance concerning media law and media ethics...which by nature will always be subjective until they become legally mandated? In this multimedia presentation, Applied Journalism coordinator Jillian St. Jacques analyzes the arduous and rewarding task of building a course in media law and ethics for today's rapidly digitizing world, where "traditional" stances on accuracy and truth are not only being placed in question, but sometimes thrown completely out the window in the bid for increased hits, likes, laughs and revenue.

Jillian St. Jacques is a senior instructor and coordinator of Applied Journalism at Oregon State University. His research interests and publications include essays and articles on media studies and adaptation in literature and the arts. Central to Jillian's teaching and research is the ongoing university-wide commitment to fostering community debate on issues of difference, power and discrimination. His recent publications include "Adaptation Theories," a collection of scholarly works on contemporary adaptation theory, essays and articles in Literature/Film Quarterly, The Journal of Visual Culture, and Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism. His journalism has appeared in the Durango Herald, Canandaigua's Daily Messenger and The Greece Post. He is currently working on a novel that examines his experiences hunting in Oregon and his life as a transsexual performance artist in San Francisco.

Jillian St. Jacques
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Jillian St. Jacques
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