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Redmond: Know Pressure - Pressure by the Numbers

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Redmond Library
Multi-Purpose Room
Explore pressure and how it affects us. Bring your curiosity and questions.

Don't let the math scare you off! This exploration of pressure will give you a sense of the relative pressures in a range of settings that you might encounter in your reading and browsing. How do we measure pressure? How much pressure does it take to make a diamond? What is the atmospheric pressure on the surface of other planets? What does pressure have to do with why it's so hard to make ramen on the top of the South Sister? How much pressure does it take to squish pennies in that machine at the carnival or truck stop? Bring your curiosity and questions.

Bruce Emerson has been teaching physics, engineering, and manufacturing at COCC for more than 2 decades. He has a fascination with making science and technology accessible to everyone. Bruce lives in Terrebonne where he tries to keep ahead of the weeds and make time for playing trombone with the Cascade Winds.

Bruce Emerson
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Adult Program
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Bruce Emerson
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