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Downtown Bend: Know Pressure - How to Achieve Your Dreams

Thursday, August 08, 2019
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Downtown Bend Library
Brooks Room
A workshop to help women focus on achieving their goals.

Women share a common epidemic: Dream Drain. Their goals and dreams are put on hold or quietly slip away. They adjust their dreams to fit their circumstances, rather than adjusting their circumstances to fit their dreams. How do you recover lost dreams when feeling stuck or in transition? How do you create exciting new ones? The answer may be a simple as focusing on everyday Goal Objects ("GO!"). Through mindfulness, visualization and planning, the objects become an empowering compass to stay on the path to your goals.

This workshop is based on the bestselling book "GO! How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams at Any Age." Participants will learn how to break through common roadblocks and draw from their inner strengths and personal history to shape their future. Through fun and insightful activities, participants will start work on their own GO! display and leave with a plan to seize their goals and dreams. Please bring a small object that symbolizes or represents a goal or dream you have for yourself.

Participants are encouraged to get the book and read before class. Copies will also be available at the workshop for purchase.

Marcia Morgan, Ph.D., author of GO! How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams at Any Age, brings a wealth of experience helping women and girls reach their potential. Drawing on more than forty years as a national consultant, researcher, trainer and author on gender, crime and social issues, this sought-after motivational speaker will facilitate the workshop and discuss her latest book.

Marcia K. Morgan
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Adult Program
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Marcia K. Morgan
Paige M. Ferro | | 541-312-1063