Downtown Bend: Community Conversations - How Do We Get Beyond Left & Right?

Saturday, June 22, 2019
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Learn how we can cooperate to achieve effective change with the founders of Bridging the Divide.

Political polarization is one of the biggest communication challenges we face today. Until we start bridging the divide between left and right, we won't solve any of our most pressing problems. We find ourselves increasingly divided by gridlock and partisan solutions - leaving each half of the divide feeling alienated, angry, and unheard. Our government was designed to work in a non-partisan way. Join Marla Estes & Rob Schläpfer, founders of Bridging the Divide, to explore how we became so divided, to understand the values at the root of our differences, and to learn how we can move toward effective change based on cooperation. Learn how you can work to bridge our political divide to get things done.

Marla Estes founded the School of the Examined Life to foster personal growth by teaching psychology using film. She created Bridging the Divide to address the political polarization in our country.

Rob Schlapfer is a former Evangelical pastor, professor and publisher. He uses science of human nature to point the way toward a realistic, knowledge-based way of seeing and understanding the world.

Bridging the Divide teaches psychology for democracy and promote viewpoint diversity - giving people exposure to the best thinking from all sides.

Bridging the Gap
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Adult Program
Adult Program
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Marla Estes and Rob Schlapfer
Liz Goodrich | | 541-312-1032