Downtown Bend: Writers Reading - Poetry Cell

Sunday, September 08, 2019
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Local poets read original works.

The High Desert Poetry Cell, a group of five word-struck local men, has been meeting monthly since 2006 to discuss the condition of the universe, enjoy good food and drink, and remember heroic accomplishments, as well as write and critique their own poems. During that time they have published three volumes of their poetry and presented numerous readings. They are:

LARRY JACOBS has been a Dorian Fellow and State Poet of East Texas. He has won the Bublitz Prize and the National Rhyme Award as well as published several books of translations including the poetry of Jake Marney and Adolph Javos O'Reily. For many years he has been the Thomas Boors Cartwright Professor at Her Likelihood of Saintdom University in Chance, Nevada. He is currently the Chancellor of the Academy of American HOO RAH.

DON KUNZ is a recovering English Literature Professor who, although retired, is unable to break his occupationally induced habit of writing essays, short stories and poems for publication.

JOHN KVAPIL was awarded, in 1964, a big blue Grand Sweepstakes ribbon for his eighth grade science fair exhibit "DNA, Life's Secret" and he's been bitter about Watson and Crick receiving the Nobel ever since. He writes poetry to compensate.

PETER LOVERING has a doctorate in WORK. He has been an airport grounds laborer, an oil field roustabout, a dynamite fuser, a line cook, dish washer, a bartender, a soldier, a microwave tower builder, a ski lodge manager, a stone mason, a rental management director, a restaurant/bar owner, an adobe wall builder, a carpenter, a general contractor, a college biology instructor, a building company executive, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and, now, a poet. He finally made it!

JOHN MARTIN rose to his full height in the Great Lakes area, cooled and settled in California, aged and dried out in the High Desert of Bend, and is now rehydrating with grape water in Walla Walla. He finds a lot of current poetry ill-advised and inedible, but, nonetheless, he keeps looking, hoping to discover a cold plum in someone's refrigerator.

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