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East Bend: Giving the Noose the Slip: Female Murderers in Oregon, 1854-1950

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
East Bend Library
Meeting Room
History Pub Encore examines how legislative shifts in the all-male courts and penal system reflected the changing roles of women as citizens.

Twenty-five women were convicted of homicide in Oregon between 1854 and 1950. During these years the majority faced all-male court and penal systems. As such, they were handled differently in accordance with various social, cultural, and legislative shifts relating to women's roles as citizens. Through an examination of contemporary newspaper articles, inmate case files, and other Oregon State Penitentiary records, this presentation will examine three distinct periods relating to these shifts: 1854-1900, 1901-1935 and 1936-1950.

Jenna Barganski is the Museum Manager at Clackamas County Historical Society in Oregon City. Prior to her position at CCHS she worked as a research assistant for The Oregon Encyclopedia. In 2018 Jenna received her M.A. in History and Public History from Portland State University. Her field of interest includes Pacific Northwest history and women's history.

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Adult Program
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Jenna Barganski
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