Downtown Bend: Know Pot(s) - Mata Ortiz: A Pottery Tradition Revived

Sunday, August 26, 2018
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Downtown Bend Library
Brooks Room
Justine Lowry highlights the pottery traditions of Mata Ortiz.

Justine presents a complete survey of the historic traditions of pottery of the American Southwest including major centers for trade, commerce, learning and spiritual or religious gatherings. Some of these pre-European Contact centers reflect the vast trade networks that span what we know of today as the American Southwest and Mexico. The pottery tradition of Mata Ortiz revives the style and iconography of the ancient city of Paquime (also known as Casas Grandes) of Northern Mexico, here we see a blending of ancient Mogollon cultural features, of Arizona and New Mexico, and those of pre-Hispanic traditions of Mexico as well.

Justine Lowry is an instructor at Central Oregon Community College and OSU Cascades teaching courses relating to Native American Art History and Anthropology of Indigenous Peoples of North America. Prior to becoming an instructor Justine functioned as the Native American Program Coordinator at Central Oregon Community College. Lowry's graduate studies diverge into several areas of research, Art Education, Art History and Native American Studies. As a child through her early adulthood Lowry learned about her own Indigenous heritage through her grandfather Leonard Lowry (Maidu, Pit River, Washoe, Scots-Irish).

Justine Lowry discusses Maata Ortiz pottery
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Justine Lowry
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