Discovery Pass - Frequent Questions

Answers to common questions about using Discovery Pass.

  • How do I get a pass?
    • Log into the Discovery Pass site with your library card number and PIN/password.  Browse passes by date or attraction.
  • How many passes can I have?
    • Two (2) active reservations at time.
    • Customers may check out four (4) passes per venue per year (Two (2) wilderness passes per year).
    • If you reserve a pass and do not use or cancel your reservation, the unused pass counts towards your limit. Once you download or print your pass you cannot cancel your reservation.
  • Why can't I see any passes?
    • No passes are currently available. Check back at the first of the month.
    • You already have two active reservations.
    • You have used up your pass allowance (four passes per venue, per year).
    • No passes available for your age (you are under 17).
  • When are passes for a new month available?
    • Passes are released for events up to three months in the future.
    • On the first of each month at midnight, passes for the next 3 months become available. 
    • For example, on October 1, customers will be able to make reservations for December (in addition to any remaining passes for October and November). 3 months (the current) and 2 future months are always in view.
  • Why is my library card blocked?
    • Fines over $10.00
    • You are using a library card for a different library.  You must log into the Discovery Pass for your library card: CCL/JCLD/DPL
  • Why can’t I see my reservations?
    • The reservation date has passed. Reservations must be downloaded/printed on or before the reservation date (for the Cascade Wilderness Pass this means the reservation’s start date).
  • Can I print my pass at the library?
    • Yes.
  • I lost my pass. Can I reprint it?
    • Yes.
  • Can I cancel my pass?
    • Yes, if you haven't printed or downloaded it and it hasn't expired.
  • Should I cancel my pass if I'm not going to attend?
    • You should cancel your Discovery pass if you are not going to attend. Otherwise, once the date passes, the system will count it as a used pass. This also frees up the pass for others.
  • How do I cancel my pass?
    • o To cancel a pass that has not been printed or downloaded, log in to the Discovery Pass site and click "My Reservations" and then "Cancel Reservation."
  • I printed my pass. Can I cancel it?
    • No.
  • Can I show my pass on a mobile device?
    • Yes, if the attraction allows it.
  • What should I bring with my pass when I visit the attraction?
    • Your photo ID.
  • Can I give my pass to someone else?
    • No. The cardholder who reserved the pass must be present to redeem the pass.
  • Does my pass include free transportation or parking?
    • No.

Page Last Modified Wednesday, March 8, 2023