Registration Begins for Blocked or Unblocked Internet Access at the Bend Public Library

Posted By:  Chantal Strobel
Date Posted:  9/4/2000

(September 4, 2000) Patrons of the Bend Public Library will need to register to access the Library’s Internet stations. Beginning September 11, Internet stations, except those designated in the Children’s area, will require users to log-on before accessing the Internet. The Children’s Internet stations are intended for younger children and will be constantly blocked. Older minors and adults must register to use Internet stations located elsewhere in the library.

The Library’s blocking software is intended to block sexually graphic material on the Internet. The blocking software becomes activated when a patron logs on who registered for blocked access.

"After substantial public input and recommendations from a citizen’s committee, the Deschutes Public Library decided to install optional blocking software on the library’s Internet stations to let the individual user decide what is best for them and their children," said Library Director Michael Gaston.

Gaston explains that the software is unpredictable and often blocks valuable, pertinent information while not always blocking the sexually graphic material.

"We are getting the best software on the market but it is still far from fool proof," said Gaston. "Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our patrons. We will do all that we can to accomplish this goal and will continue to encourage parent’s to accompany their children to the library and ask the Librarians for assistance."

Blocking software will be installed in the Redmond Public Library following the when all of the testing and installation is completed in the Bend Public Library.

Patrons may register at the Circulation Desk on the first level of the Bend Public Library located at 601 N.W. Wall Street.

For more information, contact Michael Gaston, 385-3244 or Chantal Strobel, 383-6712.

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