Community Librarians Receive Top Honors at Oregon Library Association Conference

Posted By:  Todd Dunkelberg
Date Posted:  4/26/2024


Deschutes Public Library is proud to announce that three staff members were honored with awards for their exceptional service and leadership. Emily O’Neal, Technical Services Manager, was awarded the prestigious Librarian of the Year award by the Oregon Library Association (OLA). Community Librarian Liisa Sjoblom received the OLA President’s Award, and Community Librarian Roxanne M. Renteria received the EDI Anti-Racism Recognition Award.

“We are so proud of Emily, Liisa, and Roxanne and their amazing accomplishments as acknowledged by the Oregon Library Association,” said Deschutes Public Library’s Director Todd Dunkelberg. “It’s an honor to have their work recognized by their peers and colleagues across the state.”

During today’s announcement and awards ceremony, Community Librarian and OLA President Ericka Brunson-Rochette gave remarks to inspire library workers across Oregon. Brunson-Rochette was elected President of the Oregon Library Association and will continue to serve through September 2024.

“I feel honored to be in a position to amplify the great work that is currently being done, as well as address the barriers and needs of library staff at all levels across our state,” said Brunson-Rochette.

“I get the joy of working with incredible people, both at Deschutes Public Library, and also in libraries across the state,” said O’Neal. “I’m proud to work with so many remarkable librarians and am just unbelievably touched that they selected me for the Librarian of the Year award this year.”

Dunkelberg expressed his excitement to have Deschutes Public Library staff members recognized and honored for helping people learn, thrive, and connect to one another and the world.

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Pictured are Deschutes Public Library’s Community Librarians (from left to right): Emily O’Neal, Technical Services Manager; Liisa Sjoblom, Community Librarian; Roxanne M. Renteria, Community Librarian; Ericka Brunson-Rochette, Community Librarian and Oregon Library Association President

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