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Date Posted:  3/3/2011

Social MediaHow do you create content that is relevant, engaging and of value to the audience? Then, how do you optimize it so it can be found online?

If you're a nonprofit interested in how social media can bolster your outreach and engagement efforts, attend this free workshop to jumpstart your social media strategy. The Social Nonprofit is a 9-part series that began in early January, currently sponsored by the Deschutes Public Library, and occurring every other Friday at 11 a.m at the Deschutes Public Library administration building (next door to the Downtown Bend Library).

Registration is required.  Call 541.617.7087 or click one of the links below for more information or to register online. Bring your laptop.

March 18 - Metrics, Measurement & ROI
Avoid the pitfall of analytics overload, by starting every social media campaign with a specific plan for a feedback loop. With the goal of gaining insight for improving upon the next iteration, learn what metrics to use when measuring the depth of your online social engagements, and how to demonstrate the value of online connections in order to justify the effort.

April 1 - Trust, Privacy & Security
Building trust with your audience begins with demonstrating transparent practices and by respecting the audience’s privacy. Come learn how a transparent organization can build trust through openness while balancing the need for privacy and safety.

April 15 - Social Culture & the Social Media Policy
What considerations are needed when implementing a social media policy? What role does such a policy have on the organization’s social culture to network outside institutional walls? How does an internal social culture impact the staff’s ability to nurture an online community? Join the class to explore ways to promote an internal social culture and create a social media policy that enhance and support online social activity.

April 29 - Simplifying the Social Nonprofit Organization
To effectively collaborate and leverage the power of social media, organizations need to simplify their structure. Rather than compete for a perceived shrinkage of resources, consider how collaborative processes, networking and emerging tools can lighten the workload. Join us for a discussion on how to simplify a nonprofit organization so it can be agile enough to harness the power of networking for scarce resources.

May 13 - Fundraising and Donor Cultivation
Once an organization has successfully built a solid and meaningful relationship with online advocates, only then should it consider asking them for financial support. What are some creative ways to engage the online community in fundraising efforts? As the concluding topic to The Social Nonprofit series, we will discuss how as a result of an organization’s genuine endeavor cultivating relationships with online advocates finally bears fruit through its fundraising efforts.

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