Deschutes Public Library District - Public notice of interstate cooperative procurement

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Date Posted:  2/7/2023

Pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes 279A.220 and District Public Contracting Rule (District Rule) 137-046-0460, notice is hereby given that Deschutes Public Library District intends to enter into a contract with HMI-Oregon Dealership, Inc. dba PacificWRO In an amount not to exceed $206,044.70 for Library Ancillary Furniture Procurement and Installation Services. The contract is based on the terms of an interstate cooperative procurement administered by:
Omnia Partners,

in accordance with ORS 279A.220. The purpose of this notice is to provide information to the public and invite interested persons an opportunity to submit written comment.  Written comments and protests must be delivered to Deschutes Public Library District no later than 8 a.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Written protests received
after this deadline will not be considered. Submittals should be addressed to Todd Dunkelberg, Library Director, Deschutes Public Library District, 507 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR 97703, and shall provide a detailed factual and legal basis for the comment/complaint and the relief requested. The above-named staff member can be reached for questions or more information at (541) 385-3244. Protests will be handled pursuant to District Rule 137-046-0460, 137-046-0470 and ORS 279A.225. DATED THIS 8h DAY OF February, 2023.

Notice Of Intent for Pacific WRO

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