Temporary Locations

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Date Posted:  11/7/2022

Construction and Remodeling

The La Pine, Redmond, and Sisters Libraries will all temporarily close starting in January to allow for construction (Redmond) and remodeling (La Pine and Sisters). We will have temporary locations open during the closures. Exact dates for closures and opening of temporary locations is still flux, so keep an eye here, where we will share dates as soon as we have them finalized.


Temporary La Pine Library

16405 B 1st Street, La Pine

(John C. Johnson building across the parking lot from the current library)


Temporary Sisters Library

110 N Cedar Street, Sisters

(Mobile building located on the current library property)


Temporary Redmond Library

2127 S Highway 97, Redmond

(Retail space 1.5 miles south of the current library)


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