Deschutes Public Library Ranked #5 Best Non-Profit in Oregon

Posted By:  Chantal Strobel
Date Posted:  10/2/2009


The Deschutes Public Library was selected as the 5th best Non-Profit Organization in the state of Oregon by Oregon’s Business Magazine.  According to Oregon Business Magazine, more than 6,700 employees at more than 200 nonprofits throughout the state participated in the project.  The nonprofit version was created to recognized a critical business sector that employs hundreds of thousands of workers throughout the state.  


“We are honored and humbled by this recognition,” said Deschutes Public Library Director Todd Dunkelberg.  “We believe the consistent dedication and commitment of our Board of Directors, management team, and staff makes our success possible.  We strive to enrich the lives of Deschutes County residents every day and in return enrich our own.”


The 6,700 employees who participated in the 100 Best Nonprofits survey ranked satisfaction and importance of 50 workplace qualities in six categories: benefits and compensation; work environment; decision-making and trust; performance management; and career development and learning.   As a whole, employees in the nonprofit survey assigned their highest importance ratings to two workplace variables: “treatment of employees by supervisors,” and “pride and belief in the organization.” The latter item clearly reflects the mission-driven quality of nonprofit organizations and their employees, while the former speaks for itself. Nonprofit employees assessed all workplace characteristics to be of relatively high importance.

"We realized nonprofits see themselves as very different from other businesses, but we also believed they had one thing very much in common: caring about their employees," said Oregon Business Editor Robin Doussard. "So we decided to develop a groundbreaking workplace best-practices project a 100 Best project just for them. We wanted nonprofits to have the insight into their workforce that the corporate world has so readily come to value over the years."

Any not-for-profit or nonprofit organization with more than 10 Oregon employees was eligible. Those who entered included a wide range of charitable nonprofits that help children, animals, breast cancer victims and many more; business associations; faith-based groups; government entities, and civic organizations.

There was no cost to enter the survey, which was comprised of an anonymous employee survey and an employer benefits survey administered by research partners Davis, Hibbitts and Midghall and Oregon Business research editor, Brandon Sawyer. The nonprofit organization TACS consulted on the creation of the survey questions.

For the full list of the 100 Best Nonprofits, go to


For more information, please contact Chantal Strobel at 541.312.1031 or Todd Dunkelberg at 541.312.1021.

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