Make A Statement With A Hat!

Posted By:  Liz Goodrich
Date Posted:  1/12/2004

Join Central Oregon’s only milliner, Marilyn Melrose, at the Sunriver Area Public Library on January 18th at 2:00 p.m. for “The Hat: A Personal Statement.”

“Under every great hat is a fabulous woman,” says Melrose, owner of Marilyn Melrose Millinery in Sisters, Oregon. Melrose says that hats, although important to mankind since the beginning of time, first emerged as a fashion item in Europe at the beginning of the Renaissance. “Hats have reflected social position, style and are strong indicators of a woman’s thinking.” Melrose thinks that the right hat perfects an outfit and that finding the right hat requires experience. “We just have more experience selecting clothes other than hats.”

A native of East Lansing, MI, Melrose has had a life-long interest in fashion. She earned the American Apparel Manufacturers Association’s outstanding student award at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. In her nine years as a professional, she has developed a specialty in hand-blocked fine straw and wool hats. She has acquired a collection of vintage hat blocks that she uses to shape her unique hats. “Each hat is designed to fit the individual,” says Melrose.

Melrose will offer guidelines for selecting the right hat shape and color. Throughout the program, models will display hats fashioned by Melrose. This program is free and open to the public. For more information about this or other library programs, please call 312-1032 or visit www.dpls.lib.or.

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