Author Terri Jentz Visits Bend Public Library

Posted By:  Liz Goodrich
Date Posted:  7/21/2006

Deschutes Public Library is pleased welcome author Terri Jentz for a reading and book signing in the Library Admin Conference Room (507 NW Wall Street) on Saturday, August 5 at 6:00 p.m. This program is free and open to the public and books will be available for sale.

In the summer of 1977, Jentz and her Yale roommate made a cross-country bike trip. While camped in Central Oregon they were brutally attacked by a man. First running over the sleeping cyclists with his truck and then attacking them with an ax, the assailant escaped. No one was ever arrested. Although both women survived the attack, both were left with deep scars.

Fifteen years later, Jentz returned to Central Oregon to solve the crime that changed her life. Her interviews with local residents yield a terrifying revelation: many say they know who did it and that he is still living in the area. Ultimately, her investigation brings her face to fact with the alleged ax man.

Powerful, eloquent Strange Piece of Paradise is the account of Jentz’s investigation into the mystery of her near murder. A startling profile of a psychopath, a sweeping reflection on violence and the myth of American individualism, Jentz provides a moving record of a brave inner journey from violence to hope.

Terri Jentz is a screenwriter and lives in Los Angles. Strange Piece of Paradise is her first book. In 1997 she worked with Crime Victims United, a victims advocacy group, to overhaul the attempted murder stature in Oregon. Currently, she works with Equality Now, an international human rights organization working to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.

For information about this or other library programs, please call 312-1032.

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