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La Pine Repairs


The La Pine Library building incurred damage due to ice, snow and water. The melting, refreezing and continuing cycle caused water damage in the children’s and teen areas as well as the adult fiction and magazine areas. The meeting room was also affected as were two staff areas.


Interior walls, insulation, some carpet and ceiling tiles have been affected by water intrusion. Most of the damage is along the entire east wall of the public area and the west wall of the meeting room. Some damage occurred in the staff areas.


After removal of wet interiors starting the week of February 12th, drying equipment will be active until approximately Saturday, February 18. Shortly after equipment is removed, insulation will be replaced and drywall will be installed. Interior paint, carpet replacement, window trim and shelving installation will complete the work. The goal is to have all work completed by the end of March 2017.

Will the Library close during the repairs?

The interior damage was more extensive than originally identified. For the safety of La Pine customers and staff, the Library will need to be closed the week of February 7 through 11. After removal work is completed, the Library will make every effort to maintain regular open hours. Closure times and hours will be posted on the Library’s website as soon as possible.

We regret this unforeseen inconvenience for the La Pine community and request your patience as we begin repairs. For questions or concerns, please contact Todd Dunkelberg, Director, 541-312-1021 or Lynne Mildenstein, Assistant Director, 541-312-1028.

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