Library Governance Policies

Policies that govern the library board and director

Library Governance Policies

Executive Limitations Policies

Executive limitation policies tell the CEO what the Board will not tolerate; they are boundary setters. These policies describe what boundaries the organization's operational practices must be conducted within.

Governance Process Policies

Governance Process Policies describe the standards of the group; the board and individual behavior to which it agrees to hold itself.

Board-Library Director Linkage Policies

These policies describe how the Board delegates authority to the Library Director. They describe not what is delegated, but how delegation occurs. They also describe why the Board has a Library Director and the Board will behave in relating to the Library Director.

Results Policies

Results Policies describe the effect that the Library District seeks to have on the world outside itself. Each Result consists of three parts:

  • A description of the desired change, difference, benefit, or outcome.
  • The identify, description, or characteristic of the consumer who benefits from the change.
  • The monetary expense, relative worth, or relative priority of the benefit.

Library Board Zones

Library Board Zones Map

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