Internet Access Policy

A Summary of Internet Access Rules
Deschutes Public Libraries

The objective of these rules is to provide library users access to information and communication available on the Internet which is deemed to be constitutionally protected speech, imposing only those regulations which are required to provide equitable access to library resources, prevent vandalism or illegal activity, avoid the creation of a sexually hostile environment, or which are need to protect the health and safety of minors.

Staff-Assisted Internet Search. Staff assisting patrons with research may utilize the Internet without consulting a parent/guardian. Internet usage in such instances shall be limited to the research question.

Children’s Internet Stations may require parental permission at time of usage, or log-on using a valid account approved by a parent. Computers designated as “Children’s Internet Stations” shall operate with blocking software activated to block sexually explicit material. Children’s Internet Stations are intended for younger children. Staff is authorized to refer older minors and adults to Internet Stations located elsewhere in the Library.

Managed Internet Stations will require patrons to pre-register. Patrons will choose if they wish to have blocking software activated. A minor below the age of 17 must obtain the permission of a parent/guardian when registering to use Internet stations which require log-on. Patrons shall be advised that any resident of Deschutes County may submit a form requesting that a site be blocked or unblocked. The site will be unblocked unless it is determined that the site contains sexually explicit material or present an immediate and real threat to the health and safety of minors.

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Last modified on Friday, December 11, 2015