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Upcoming Teen Events

  • Mar 1

    1:30 PM - Multi-Purpose Room

    Want to be more involved with the library? Want to make big decisions for your community? Want to tell us what to do? Come join the library's Teen Advisory Board and do all these things, plus earn volunteer time.

  • Mar 8

    3:30 PM - Multi-Purpose Room

    Upcycle old tech into something cool!

  • Mar 9

    4:00 PM - Brooks Room

    Create and explore virtual landscapes with Google Street View.

  • Mar 10

    3:30 PM -

    Create and explore virtual landscapes with Google Street View.Registration required

  • Mar 11

    1:00 PM - Multi-Purpose Room

    Recycling your e-waste in a safe way that benefits our community! Accepted items: Cell phones and their cords, attachments, etc.Covered Electronic Devices, such as: computer monitors, CPUs (towers and desktops), Laptops, Printers, Mice, KeyboardsInk and Ink Cartridges Not accepted: Tube or projection televisionsTube or “old” computer monitorsItems too large for us to move! Cell phones will be donated to Saving Grace, all other items will be donated to the Community Foundation for refurbishment or recycling. Please erase any of your data from these devices before e-cycling them!