Marshall High School: Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Johnson’s Project on the Cold War

Library Online Resources

In the “Online Resources” section of the Deschutes Public Library website (, check out the databases in the Homework category! Use your library card (including Library Linx cards) to log in, or use them at a public library. Do a keyword search or browse the categories in these databases for magazine and journal articles covering your topic.

Student Resources in Context
Do a search for “Cold War,” “Cuban Missile Crisis,” etc, or browse the History category.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Click into the History category and do a search.

Discovering Collection

Websites the Cold War
An encyclopedia of Cold War information.

The Cold War Museum
Explore the timeline and try some trivia.

The Avalon Project: The Cold War
Includes transcripts of important and landmarking documents that "legalized" major events of the Cold War. Part of the Avalon Project at Yale.

The Cold War Files
Events, people, and documents related to the Cold War.

The Cold War: Nuclear Arms Race
The development of nuclear arms in the Cold War era. the Cold War
Learn about the Cuban Missile Crisis and more.

Brutal Divide: Life at the birth of the Berlin Wall
View this photo essay from Life Magazine about Germans encountering the newly built Wall.

Chronicle of the Berlin Wall
Click through the years to learn about the Wall’s history.

History of Communism, 1919-2002
While the website has a Washington state focus, there are great articles following the timeline of the Communist Party, including the “War and Red Scare” era of 1940-1960.

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Last modified on Friday, October 11, 2013