La Pine Middle School: Mr. Johnson’s Project on the Ratification of the Constitution

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Student Resources in Context
This database has than 1,100 full-text periodicals and newspapers, primary sources, creative works, and multimedia, including hours of video and audio clips and podcasts.

Biography in Context
Includes biographies of those involved in the writing and ratification of the Constitution.

US History in Context
Includes encyclopedia entries, sound and movie files, plus primary resource documents, and much more.


Cover Image The Constitution
Finkelman, Paul, 1949-
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, 2006.

An introduction to the American Constitution, including why and how it was written and how it is amended.

Cover Image The Constitution
Quiri, Patricia Ryon.
New York Children's Press 1998

Explains why a constitution was needed; describes the convention in Philadelphia in 1787, the Virginia and New Jersey plans, the Great Compromise, and the ratification process.

Cover Image Creating the Constitution, 1787
Collier, Christopher, 1930-
New York : Benchmark Books, c1999.

Examines the events and personalities involved in creating the Constitution of the United States in 1787, a document which has been the foundation of American democracy for over 200 years.

Cover Image In Defense of Liberty : The Story of America's Bill of Rights
Freedman, Russell.
New York : Holiday House, 2003.

Describes the origins, applications of, and challenges to the ten amendments to the United States Constitution that comprise the Bill of Rights.

Cover Image A More Perfect Union : The Story of Our Constitution
Maestro, Betsy.
New York : Mulberry Books, 1990, c1987.

Describes how the Constitution was drafted and ratified.

Cover Image Shh! We're Writing the Constitution
Fritz, Jean.
New York, NY : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1998.

Describes how the Constitution came to be written and ratified. Also includes the full text of the document produced by the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Cover Image The United States Constitution
Leebrick, Kristal, 1958-
Mankato, Minn. : Bridgestone Books, c2002.

Cover Image The United States Constitution : A Graphic Adaptation
Hennessey, Jonathan, 1971-
New York : Hill and Wang, 2008.

Cover Image We the People : The Story of Our Constitution
Cheney, Lynne V.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, c2008.

In May 1787 delegates from across the country--including George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin--gathered in Philadelphia and, meeting over the course of a sweltering summer, created a new framework for governing: the Constitution of the United States.


Teaching with Documents: Ratification of the Constitution from the US Archives

Constitutional Convention and Ratification, 1787–1789, from the Department of State

Ratification of the Constitution, from Teaching American History

This Day in History, from the History Channel

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