Cascade Middle School: Mrs. Fenter’s, Mrs. Owings', and Mrs. Prehoda's Civil War Project

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Battles, people, monuments, and more!
The website for the PBS documentary by Ken Burns has great images and an interactive story-telling tool.
Find a variety of stories from the Civil War era.
The Library of Congress’s online collection about the Civil War.
The National Archives’ online collection covering the Civil War.
The Valley Project details life of two American cities during the Civil War: one in the north and one in the south.
Click on a title to see it in the DPL catalog. Find more books in the “you might like” section and by using keywords like “civil war,” “abolition,” “Emancipation Proclamation,” etc, and put them on hold with your Library Linx card!
America Goes to War by Bruce Catton
The American Heritage New History of the Civil War by Bruce Catton
Battle Cry of Freedom: the Civil War era by James McPherson
Behind the Blue and Gray: the soldier’s life in the Civil War by Delia Ray
The Civil War: an illustrated history by Geoffrey Ward
The Civil War: a nation divided series by various authors
Gettysburg: the graphic novel by C.M Butzer
John Washington’s Civil War: a slave narrative edited by Crandall Shifflet
War, Terrible War by Joy Hakim
Looking for films about the Civil War? Click here to see a list of documentaries that the library owns.
Electronic Resources
Use these resources to find articles and more about Civil War topics. You will need a library card number to log in.
Biography Resource Center
Doing research on a historical figure? Check here for information!
The Discovering Collection
Use your topic’s keywords to find articles.
Junior Reference Collection
Search reference books and encyclopedias for information.

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Last modified on Wednesday, April 28, 2010