Freegal - Downloadable Music

Now includes streaming music! Log in to Freegal with your library card number and PIN/password to get unlimited, commerical-free streaming of any song, album, or artist on the site. Install the Freegal app on your phone or tablet and listen to music on the go.

FreegalDownload up to five songs per week with your Deschutes Public Library card number and PIN.

All songs are in standard MP3 format and can be kept for as long as you like.

Choose from millions of songs in the Freegal music catalog from Sony Music and the Independent Online Distribution Alliance , a digital distributor of independent music with a catalog from over 50 countries.

How does it work?
  • Go to the Freegal site
  • Log in with your library card number and PIN
  • Choose a song
  • When you've chosen a song, click the box with the plus sign (+) to the right of the title
  • Choose save and pick a location to save the file

Frequently Asked Questions

freegal app How many songs can I download?
You can download up to five (5) songs per week.

When do my downloads reset/when can I download more music?
Your download count for each week resets on Sunday night.

How do I know how many downloads I have left?
After you’ve logged in to Freegal, look at the top of the page on the right side. You’ll see a two musical notes with a number like 1/5 to their right. In this example, one of five downloads has been used.

What happens if I have a problem with my download?
You can re-download songs from the current week and the prior week up to two additional times. Click the “Downloads” link under "My Downloads" on the left side of the Freegal web page after you’ve logged in.

Does Freegal require any extra software?
All you need to download music is a standard web browser. To listen to music, you'll need a media player like iTunes or Windows Media player installed.

What format are the songs in?
The songs are in MP3 format.

Are the songs tagged?
The songs contain the basic tags like title, artist, album, etc.

Will the songs downloaded from Freegal work in iTunes and iPods?
Yes. After you’ve downloaded the song you can import it into iTunes and transfer it to your iPod.

I clicked the download link for a song I don't want, can you remove it from my account?
No. Any time you click on the "Download Now" link, even if you decide to cancel it, the download will count towards your weekly allotment.

Can I download songs from Freegal using my phone, tablet, etc.?
Yes. Get the free Freegal app from the app store on your device.

Can I use Freegal on a public Internet computer at the library?
Yes. Remember to plug in your USB drive before you begin using Freegal so that you have someplace to save your songs.

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Last modified on Wednesday, December 30, 2015