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Molecules in Motion

Posted By:  Liz Goodrich

Date Posted:  6/3/2014

Water MoleculesAccording to the USGS, 71% of the Earth is water covered. Water, as simple as it seems is an invaluable substance. Join Bend Research scientists Trevor Lane and Richard Nkansah at the Redmond Library on June 11 at 6:00 p.m. for an investigation into water during a program titled “Molcules in Motion.” Deschutes Public Library celebrates “Literary Elements” in June and July as part of the Summer Reading Program. The Library offers science-themed programs for all ages throughout this summer at all branch libraries.

During the program Richard and Trevor will perform a set of demonstrations that explore the properties and characteristics of materials in different physical states of matter. “Matter in all physical forms surrounds us every day,” says Trevor. “With a few basic experiments we can gain a deeper understanding of how molecules, one of the basic parts of matter, interact with one another and shape the world around us.” Using Life’s Matrix by Phillip Ball as inspriartion, Trevor and Richard will take an in-depth look at how water, a substance so common and critical to our everyday lives, can have such a complex history.

“The best part about being a scientist is fundamentally exploring and understanding global phenomen” said Treveor. “At Bend Research, we use a fundamental scientific approach to solve problems in the fields including pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, bio-engineering, and technology development.”

For more information about this or other library programs, please call 312-1032 or visit People with disabilities needing accommodations (alternative formats, seating or auxiliary aides) should contact Liz at 312-1032.

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