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(Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress)
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Andrews, Julie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1964 - Best Actress - Mary Poppins as Mary Poppins

Ashcroft, Peggy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1984 - Best Supporting Actress - A Passage to India as Mrs. Moore

Astor, Mary  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
1941 - Best Supporting Actress - The Great Lie as Sandra Kovak

Bainter, Fay  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1938 - Best Supporting Actress - Jezebel as Aunt Belle

Bancroft, Anne  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1962 - Best Actress - The Miracle Worker as Annie Sullivan

Barrymore, Ethel  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
   1944 - Best Supporting Actress - None but the Lonely Heart as Ma Mott

Basinger, Kim  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1997 - Best Supporting Actress - L.A. Confidential as Lynn Bracken

Bates, Kathy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1990 - Best Actress - Misery as Annie Wilkes

Baxter, Anne  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1946 - Best Supporting Actress - The Razor's Edge as Sophie MacDonald

Brady, Alice  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1937 - Best Supporting Actress - In Old Chicago as Molly O'Leary

Bergman, Ingrid  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1944 - Best Actress - Gaslight as Paula Alquist Anton
  1956 - Best Actress - Anastasia as The Woman (Anastasia)
  1974 - Best Supporting Actress - Murder on the Orient Express as Greta Ohlsson

Berry, Halle  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2001 - Best Actress - Monster's Ball as Leticia Musgrove

Binoche, Juliet  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1996 - Best Supporting Actress - The English Patient as Hana

Blanchett, Cate  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2004 - Best Supporting Actress - The Aviator as Katharine Hepburn

Booth, Shirley  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1952 - Best Actress - Come Back, Little Sheba as Lola Delaney

Bullock, Sandra  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2009 - Best Actress - The Blind Side as Leigh Anne Tuohy

Burstyn, Ellen  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1974 - Best Actress - Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore as Alice Hyatt

Cher  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1987 - Best Actress - Moonstruck as Loretta Castorini

Christie, Julie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1965 - Best Actress - Darling as Diana Scott

Colbert, Claudette  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1934 - Best Actress - It Happened One Night as Ellie Andrews

Connelly, Jennifer  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2001 - Best Supporting Actress - A Beautiful Mind as Alicia Nash

Cotillard, Marion  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2007 - Best Actess - La Vie en Rose as Edith Piaf
Crawford, Joan  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1945 - Best Actress - Mildred Pierce as Mildred Pierce Beragon

Cruz, Penelope  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2008 - Best Supporting Actress - Vicky Cristina Barcelona as Maria Elena

Darwell, Jane  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1940 - Best Supporting Actress - The Grapes of Wrath as Ma Joad

Davis, Bette  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1935 - Best Actress - Dangerous as Joyce Heath
  1938 - Best Actress - Jezebel as Julie Marsden

Davis, Geena  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1988 - Best Supporting Actress - The Accidental Tourist as Muriel Pritchett

de Havilland, Olivia  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1946 - Best Actress - To Each His Own as Miss Josephine 'Jody' Norris
  1949 - Best Actress - The Heiress as Catherine Sloper

Dench, Judi  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1998 - Best Supporting Actress - Shakespeare in Love as Queen Elizabeth

Dennis, Sandy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1966 - Best Supporting Actress - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as Honey

Dressler, Marie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1931 - Best Actress - Min and Bill as Min Divot

Dukakis, Olympia  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1987 - Best Supporting Actress - Moonstruck as Rose Castorini

Duke, Patty  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1962 - Best Supporting Actress - The Miracle Worker as Helen Keller

Dunaway, Faye  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1976 - Best Actress - Network as Diana Christiansen



Field, Sally  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1979 - Best Actress - Norma Rae as Norma Rae Webster
  1984 - Best Actress - Places in the Heart as Edna Spalding

Fletcher, Louise  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1975 - Best Actress - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as Nurse Ratched

Fonda, Jane  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1971 - Best Actress - Klute as Bree Daniels
  1978 - Coming Home as Sally Hyde

Fontaine, Joan  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1941 - Best Actress - Suspicion as Lina McLaidlaw Aysgarth

Foster, Jodie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1988 - Best Actress - The Accused as Sarah Tobias
  1991 - Best Actress - The Silence of the Lambs as Clarice Starling

Fricker, Brenda  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1989 - Best Supporting Actress - My Left Foot as Mrs. Brown

Garson, Greer  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1942 - Best Actress - Mrs. Miniver as Mrs. Miniver

Gaynor, Janet  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1928 - Best Actress - Seventh Heaven as Diane, Street Angel as Angela, and Sunrise as The Wife

Goldberg, Whoopi  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1990 - Best Supporting Actress - Ghost as Oda Mae Brown

Gordon, Ruth  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1968 - Best Supporting Actress - Rosemary's Baby as Minnie Castevet

Grahame, Gloria  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1952 - Best Supporting Actress - The Band and the Beautiful as Rosemary

Grant, Lee  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1975 - Best Supporting Actress - Shampoo as Felicia Carp

Harden, Marcia Gay  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2000 - Best Supporting Actress - Pollock as Lee Krasner

Hathaway, Anne  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2012 - Best Supporting Actress - Les Misérables as Fantine

Hawn, Goldie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1969 - Best Supporting Actress - Cactus Flower as Toni Simmons

Hayes, Helen  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1932 - Best Actress - The Sin of Madelon Claudet as Madelon Claudet
  1970 - Best Supporting Actress - Airport as Ada Quonsett

Hayward, Susan  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1958 - Best Actress - I Want to Live! as Barbara Graham

Heckart, Eileen  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1972 - Best Supporting Actress - Butterflies are Free as Mrs. Baker

Hepburn, Audrey  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1953 - Best Actress - Roman Holiday as Princess Ann

Hepburn, Katharine  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1933 - Best Actress - Morning Glory as Eva Lovelace
  1968 - Best Actress - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner as Christina Drayton
  1981 - On Golden Pond as Ethel Thayer

Hiller, Wendy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1958 - Best Supporting Actress - Separate Tables as Pat Cooper

Holliday, Judy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1950 - Best Actress - Born Yesterday as Emma 'Billie' Dawn

Holm, Celeste  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1947 - Best Supporting Actress - Gentleman's Agreement as Anne Dettrey

Hudson, Jennifer  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2006 - Best Supporting Actress - Dreamgirls as Effie White

Hull, Josephine  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1950 - Best Supporting Actress - Harvey as Veta Louise Simmons

Hunt, Helen  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1997 - Best Actress - As Good as it Gets as Carol Connelly

Hunt, Linda  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1983 - Best Supporting Actress - The Year of Living Dangerously as Billy Kwan

Hunter, Holly  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1993 - Best Actress - The Piano as Ada McGrath

Hunter, Kim  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1951 - Best Supporting Actress - A Streetcar Named Desire as Stella Kowalski

Huston, Anjelica  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1985 - Best Supporting Actress - Prizzi's Honor as Maerose Prizzi


Jackson, Glenda  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1970 - Best Actress - Women in Love as Gudrum Brangwen
  1973 - Best Actress - A Touch of Class as Vicki Allessio

Jolie, Angelina  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1999 - Best Supporting Actress - Girl, Interrupted as Lisa Rowe

Jones, Jennifer  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1943 - Best Actress - The Song of Bernadette as Bernadette

Jones, Shirley  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1960 - Best Supporting Actress - Elmer Gantry as Lulu Bains

Keaton, Diane  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1977 - Best Actress - Annie Hall as Annie Hall

Kedrova, Lila  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1964 - Best Supporting Actress - Zorba the Greek as Madame Hortense

Kelly, Grace  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1954 - Best Actress - The Country Girl as Georgie Elgin

Kidman, Nicole  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2002 - Best Actress - The Hours as Virginia Woolf

Lange, Jessica  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1982 - Best Supporting Actress - Tootsie as Julie Nichols
  1994 - Best Actress - Blue Sky as Carly Marshall

Lawrence, Jennifer  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2012 - Best Actress - Silver Linings Playbook as Tiffany

Leachman, Cloris  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1971 - Best Supporting Actress - The Last Picture Show as Ruth Popper

Leigh, Vivien  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1939 - Best Actress - Gone with the Wind as Scarlett O'Hara
  1951 - Best Actress - A Streetcar Named Desire as Blanche DuBois

Leo, Melissa  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2010 - Best Supporting Actress - The Fighter as Alice Ward

Loren, Sophia  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1961 - Best Actress - Two Women as Cesira

MacLaine, Shirley  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1983 - Best Actress - Terms of Endearment as Aurora Greenway

Magnani, Anna  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1955 - Best Actress - The Rose Tatto as Serafina Delle Rose

Malone, Dorothy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1956 - Best Supporting Actress - Written on the Wind as Marylee Hadley

Matlin, Marlee  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1986 - Best Actress - Children of Lesser God as Sarah Norman

McCambridge, Mercedes  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1949 - Best Supporting Actress - All the King's Men as Sadie Burke

McDaniel, Hattie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1939 - Best Supporting Actress - Gone with the Wind as Mammy

McDormand, Frances  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1996 - Best Actress - Fargo as Marge Gunderson

Minnelli, Liza  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1972 - Best Actress - Caberet as Sally Bowles

Mirren, Helen  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2006 - Best Actress - The Queen as Queen Elizabeth II

Mo'Nique  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2009 - Best Supporting Actress - Precious as Mary Lee Johnston

Moreno, Rita  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1961 - Best Supporting Actress - West Side Story as Anita

Neal, Patricia  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1963 - Best Actress - Hud as Alma Brown

O'Neal Tatum  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1973 - Best Supporting Actress - Paper Moon as Addie Loggins

Page, Geraldine  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1985 - Best Actress - The Trip to Bountiful as Carrie Watts

Paltrow, Gwyneth  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1998 - Best Actress - Shakespeare in Love as Viola de Lesseps

Parsons, Estelle  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1967 - Best Supporting Actress - Bonnie and Clyde as Blanche

Paquin, Anna  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1993 - Best Supporting Actress - The Piano as Flora McGrath

Paxinou, Katina  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1943 - Best Supporting Actress - For Whom the Bell Tolls as Pilar

Pickford, Mary  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1929 - Best Actress - Coquette as Norma Besant

Portman, Natalie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2010 - Best Actress - Black Swan as Nina Sayers


Rainer, Luise  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1936 - Best Actress - The Great Ziegfeld as Anna Held
  1937 - Best Actress - The Good Earth as O-Lan

Redgrave, Vanessa  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1977 - Best Supporting Actress - Julia as Julia

Reed, Donna  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1953 - Best Supporting Actress - From Here to Eternity as Alma 'Lorene' Burke

Revere, Anne  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1945 - Best Supporting Actress - National Velvet as Mrs. Brown

Roberts, Julia  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2000 - Best Actress - Erin Brockovich as Erin Brockovich

Rogers, Ginger  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1940 - Best Actress - Kitty Foyle as Kitty Foyle

Ruehl, Mercedes  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1991 - Best Supporting Actress - The Fisher King as Anne Napolitano

Rutherford, Margaret  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1963 - Best Supporting Actress - The V.I.P.s as The Duchess of Brighton

Saint, Eva Marie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1954 - Best Supporting Actress - On the Waterfront as Edie Doyle

Sarandon, Susan  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1995 - Best Actress - Dead Man Walking as Sister Helen Prejean

Shearer, Norma  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1930 - Best Actress - The Divorcee as Jerry Bernard Martin

Signoret, Simone  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1959 - Best Actress - Room at the Top as Alice Aisgill

Smith, Maggie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1969 - Best Actress - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie as Jean Brodie
  1978 - Best Supporting Actress - California Suite as Diana Barrie

Sondergaard, Gale  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1936 - Best Supporting Actress - Anthony Adverse as Faith Paleologus

Sorvino, Mira  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1995 - Best Supporting Actress - Mighty Aphrodite as Linda Ash

Spacek, Sissy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1980 - Best Actress - Coal Miner's Daughter as Loretta Lynn

Spencer, Octavia  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2011 - Best Supporting Actress - The Help as Minny Jackson

Stapleton, Maureen  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1981 - Best Supporting Actress - Reds as Emma Goldman

Steenburgen, Mary  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1980 - Best Supporting Actress - Melvin and Howard as Lynda Dummar

Straight, Beatrice  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1976 - Best Supporting Actress - Network as Louise Schumacher

Streep, Meryl  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1979 - Best Supporting Actress - Kramer vs. Kramer as Joanna Kramer
  1982 - Best Actress - Sophie's Choice as Sophie Zawistowska
  2011 - Best Actress - The Iron Lady as Margaret Thatcher

Swank, Hilary  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1999 - Best Actress - Boys Don't Cry as Brandon Teena
  2004 - Best Actress - Million Dollar Baby as Maggie Fitzgerald

Swinton, Tilda  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2007 - Best Supporting Actress - Michael Clayton as Karen Crowder

Tandy, Jessica  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1989 - Best Actress - Driving Miss Daisy as Daisy Werthan

Taylor, Elizabeth  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1960 - Best Actress - Butterfield 8 as Gloria Wandrous
  1966 - Best Actress - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as Martha

Theron, Charlize  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2003 - Best Actress - Monster as Aileen Wuornos

Thompson, Emma  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1992 - Best Actress - Howards End as Margaret Wilcox

Tomei, Marisa  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1992 - Best Supporting Actress - My Cousin Vinny as Mona Lisa Vito

Trevor, Claire  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1948 - Best Supporting Actress - Key Largo as Gaye Dawn

Umeki, Miyoshi  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1957 - Best Supporting Actress - Sayanora as Katsumi

Van Fleet, Jo  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1955 - Best Supporting Actress - East of Eden as Kate

Weisz, Rachel  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2005 - Best Supporting Actress - The Constant Gardener as Tessa Quayle

Wiest, Dianne  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1986 - Best Supporting Actress - Hannah and Her Sisters as Holly
  1994 - Best Supporting Actress - Bullets Over Broadway as Helen Sinclair

Winslet, Kate  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2008 - Best Actress - The Reader as Hanna Schmitz

Winters, Shelley  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1959 - Best Supporting Actress - The Diary of Anne Frank as Mrs. Petronella Van Daan
  1965 - Best Supporting Actress - A Patch of Blue as Rose-Ann D'Arcy

Witherspoon, Reese  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2005 - Best Actress - Walk the Line as June Carter

Woodward, Joanne  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1957 - Best Actress - The Three Faces of Eve as Eve White/Eve Black/Jane

Wright, Teresa  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1942 - Best Supporting Actress - Mrs. Miniver as Carol Beldon

Wyman, Jane  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1948 - Best Actress - Johnny Belinda as Belinda McDonald


Young, Loretta  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1947 - Best Actress - The Farmer's Daughter as Katrin Holstrom


Zellweger, Renée  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2003 - Best Supporting Actress - Cold Mountain as Ruby Thewes

Zeta-Jones, Catherine   (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2002 - Best Supporting Actress - Chicago as Velma Kelly
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