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oscar  Academy Award Winning Actors  oscar
(Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor)
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Abraham, F. Murray  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1984 - Best Actor - Amadeus as Antonio Salieri

Albertson, Jack  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1968 - Best Supporting Actor - The Subject Was Roses as John Cleary

Ameche, Don  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1985 - Best Supporting Actor - Cocoon as Arthur Selwyn

Arkin, Alan  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2006 - Best Supporting Actor - Little Miss Sunshine as Edwin Hoover

Bale, Christian  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2010 - Best Supporting Actor - The Fighter as Dicky Eklund

Balsam, Martin  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1965 - Best Supporting Actor - A Thousand Clowns as Arnold Burns

Bardem, Javier  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2007 - Best Supporting Actor - No Country for Old Men as Anton Chigurh

Barrymore, Lionel  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1931- Best Actor - A Free Soul as Benjamin Disraeli

Baxter, Warner  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1929 - Best Actor - In Old Arizona as The Cisco Kid

Begley, Ed  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1962 - Best Supporting Actor - Sweet Bird of Youth as Tom 'Boss' Finley

Benigni, Roberto  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1998 - Best Actor - Life is Beautiful as Guido Orefice

Bogart, Humphrey  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1951 - Best Actor - The African Queen - Charlie Allnut

Borgnine, Ernest  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1955 - Best Actor - Marty as Mary Piletti

Brando, Marlon  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1954 - Best Actor - On the Waterfront - Terry Malloy
  1972 - Best Actor - The Godfather - Vito Corleone

Brennan, Walter  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1936 - Best Supporting Actor - Come and Get It as Swan Bostrom
  1938 - Best Supporting Actor - Kentucky as Peter Goodwin
  1940 - Best Supporting Actor - The Westerner as Judge Roy Bean

Bridges, Jeff  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2009 - Best Actor - Crazy Heart as Otis "Bad" Blake

Broadbent, Jim  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2001 - Best Supporting Actor - Iris as John Bayley

Brody, Adrien  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2002 - Best Actor - The Pianist as Wladyslaw Szpilman

Brynner, Yul  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1956 - Best Actor - The King and I as King Mongkut of Siam

Burns, George  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1975 - Best Supporting Actor - The Sunshine Boys as Al Lewis

Buttons, Red  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1957 - Best Supporting Actor - Sayonara as Airman Joe Kelly

Cage, Nicolas  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1995 - Best Actor - Leaving Las Vegas as Ben Sanderson

Cagney, James  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1942 - Best Actor - Yankee Doodle Dandy as George M. Cohan

Caine, Michael  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1986 - Best Supporting Actor - Hannah and Her Sisters as Elliot
  1999 - Best Supporting Actor - The Cider House Rules as Dr. Wilbur Larch

Carney, Art  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1974 - Best Actor - Harry and Tonto as Harry Coombes

Chakiris, George  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1961 - Best Supporting Actor - West Side Story as Bernarndo

Clooney, George  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2006 - Best Supporting Actor - Syriana as Bob Barnes

Coburn, Charles  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1943 - Best Supporting Actor - The More the Merrier as Benjamin Dingle

Coburn, James  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1998 - Best Supporting Actor - Affliction as Glen Whitehouse

Colman, Ronald (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1947 - Best Actor - A Double Life as Anthony John
Connery, Sean  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1987 - Best Supporting Actor - The Untouchables as Jim Malone

Cooper, Chris  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2002 - Best Supporting Actor - Adaptation as John Laroche

Cooper, Gary  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1941 - Best Actor - Sergeant York as Sergeant Alvin York
  1952 - Best Actor - High Noon as Will Kane

Crawford, Broderick (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1949 - Best Actor - All the King's Men as Willie Stark

Crisp, Donald  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1941 - Best Supporting Actor -  How Green Was My Valley as Gwilym Morgan

Crosby, Bing  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1944 - Best Actor - Going My Way as Father Chuck O'Malley

Crowe, Russell  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2000 - Best Actor - Gladiator as Maximus Decimus Meridius

Day-Lewis, Daniel  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1989 - Best Actor - My Left Foot as Christy Brown
  2007 - Best Actor - There Will Be Blood as Daniel Plainview
  2012 - Best Actor - Lincoln as Abraham Lincoln

De Niro, Robert  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1974 - Best Supporting Actor - The Godfather Part II as Vito Corleone
  1980 - Best Actor - Raging Bull as Jake LaMotta

Del Toro, Benicio  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2000 - Best Supporting Actor - Traffic as Javier Rodriguez

Donat, Robert  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1939 - Best Actor - Goodbye Mr. Chips as Charles E. Chipping

Douglas, Melvyn  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1963 - Best Supporting Actor - Hud as Homer Bannon
  1979 - Best Supporting Actor - Being There as Benjamin Turnbull Rand

Douglas, Michael  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1987 - Best Actor - Wall Street as Gordon Gecko

Dreyfuss, Richard  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1977 - Best Actor - The Goodbye Girl as Elliot Garfield

Dunn, James  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1945 - Best Supporting Actor - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as Johnny Nolan aka The Brooklyn Thrush

Dujardin, Jean  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2011 - Best Actor - The Artist as George Valentin

Duvall, Robert  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1983 - Best Actor - Tender Mercies as Mac Sledge



Ferrer, José  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1950 - Best Actor - Cyrano de Bergerac as Cyrano de Bergerac

Finch, Peter  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1976 - Best Actor - Network (posthumous) as Howard Beale

Firth, Colin  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2010 - Best Actor - The King's Speech as King George VI

Fitzgerald, Barry  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1944 - Best Supporting Actor - Going My Way as Father Fitzgibbon

Fonda, Henry  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1981 - Best Actor - On Golden Pond as Norman Thayer Jr.

Foxx, Jamie  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2004 - Best Actor - Ray as Ray Charles

Freeman, Morgan  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2004 - Best Supporting Actor - Million Dollar Baby as Eddie 'Scrap-Iron' Dupris

Gable, Clark  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1934 - Best Actor - It Happened One Night as Peter Wayne

Gielgud, John  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1981 - Best Supporting Actor - Arthur as Hobson

Gooding, Cuba  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1996 - Best Supporting Actor - Jerry Maguire as Rod Tidwell

Gossett, Louis  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1982 - Best Supporting Actor - An Officer and A Gentlemen as Gunnery Sgt. Emil Foley

Grey, Joel  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1972 - Best Supporting Actor - Cabaret as Master of Ceremonies

Griffith, Hugh  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1959 - Best Supporting Actor - Ben-Hur as Sheik Ilderim

Guinness, Alec  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1957 - The Bridge on the River Kwai as Lieutenant-Colonel Nicholson

Gwenn, Edmund  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1947 - Best Supporting Actor - Miracle on 34th Street as Kris Kringle

Hackman, Gene  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1971 - Best Actor - The French Connection as Detective Jimmy Popeye Doyle
  1992 - Best Supporting Actor - Unforgiven as Little Bill Daggett

Hanks, Tom  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1993 - Best Actor - Philadelphia as Andrew Beckett
  1994 - Best Actor - Forrest Gump as Forrest Gump

Harrison, Rex  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1964 - Best Actor - My Fair Lady as Henry Higgins

Heflin, Van (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1942 - Best Supporting Actor - Jonny Eager as Jeff Hartnett

Heston, Charlton  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1959 - Best Actor - Ben-Hur as Judah Ben-Hur

Hoffman, Dustin  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1979 - Best Actor - Kramer vs. Kramer as Ted Kramer
  1988 - Best Actor - Rain Man as Raymond Babbitt

Hoffman, Philip Seymour  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2005 - Best Actor - Capote as Truman Capote

Holden, William  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1953 - Stalag 17 as Sergeant J.J. Sefton

Hopkins, Anthony  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1991 - Best Actor - The Silence of the Lambs as Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Houseman, John  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1973 - Best Supporting Actor - The Paper Chase as Charles W. Kingsfield Jr.

Hurt, William  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1985 - Best Actor - Kiss of the Spiderwoman as Luis Molina

Huston, Walter  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1948 - Best Supporting Actor - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre as Howard

Hutton, Timothy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1980 - Best Supporting Actor - Ordinary People as Conrad Jarrett

Irons, Jeremy  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1990 Best Actor - Reversal of Fortune as Claus von Bulow

Ives, Burl  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1958 - Best Supporting Actor - The Big Country as Rufus Hannassey

Jagger, Dean  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1949 - Best Supporting Actor - Twelve O'Clock High as Major Harvey Stovall

Jannings, Emil  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1928 - Best Actor - The Last Command as Gen. Dolgorucki/Grand Duke Sergius Alexander and The Way of All Flesh as August Schilling

Johnson, Ben  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1971 - Best Supporting Actor - The Last Picture Show as Sam the Lion

Jones, Tommy Lee  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1993 - Best Supporting Actor - The Fugitive as Marshall Samuel Gerard

Kennedy, George  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1967 - Best Supporting Actor - Cool Hand Luke as Dragline

Kingsley, Ben  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1982 - Best Actor - Gandhi as Mahatma Gandhi

Kline, Kevin  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1988 - Best Supporting Actor - A Fish Called Wanda as Otto West

Landau, Martin  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1994 - Best Supporting Actor - Ed Wood as Bela Lugosi

Lancaster, Burt  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1960 - Best Actor - Elmer Gantry as Elmer Gantry

Laughton, Charles  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1933 - Best Actor - The Private Life of Henry VIII as King Henry VIII

Ledger, Heath  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2008 - Best Supporting Actor - The Dark Knight as The Joker

Lemmon, Jack  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1955 - Best Supporting Actor - Mister Roberts as Ens. Frank Pulver
  1973 - Best Actor - Save the Tiger as Harry Stoner

Lukas, Paul  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1943 - Best Actor - Watch on the Rhine as Kurt Muller

Malden, Karl  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1951 - Best Supporting Actor - A Streetcar Named Desire as Harold Mitch Mitchell

March, Fredric  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1932 - Best Actor - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
  1946 - Best Actor - The Best Years of Our Lives as Al Stephenson

Marvin, Lee  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1965 - Best Actor - Cat Ballou as Kid Sheleen and Tim Strawn

Matthau, Walter  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1966 - Best Supporting Actor - The Fortune Cookie as Willie Gingrich

McLaglen, Victor  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1935 - Best Actor - The Informer as Gypo Nolan

Milland, Ray  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1945 - Best Actor - The Lost Weekend as Don Birnam

Mills, John  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1970 - Best Supporting Actor - Ryan's Daughter as Michael

Mitchell, Thomas  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1939 - Best Supporting Actor - Stagecoach as Doc Boone

Muni, Paul (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1936 - Best Actor - The Story of Louis Pasteur as Dr. Louis Pasteur

Newman, Paul  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1986 - Best Actor - The Color of Money as Fast Eddie Felson

Ngor, Haing  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1984 - Best Supporting Actor - The Killing Fields as Dith Pran

Nicholson, Jack  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1975 - Best Actor - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as Randle Patrick McMurphy
  1983 - Best Supporting Actor - Terms of Endearment as Garrett Breedlove
  1997 - Best Actor - As Good as It Gets as Melvin Udall

Niven, David  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1958 - Best Actor - Separate Tables as Major Angus Pollock

O'brien, Edmond  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1954 - Best Supporting Actor - The Barefoot Contessa as Oscar Muldoon

Olivier, Laurence  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1948 - Best Actor - Hamlet as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Pacino, Al  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1992 - Best Actor - The Scent of a Woman as Lt. Col. Frank Slade

Palance, Jack  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1991 - Best Supporting Actor - City Slickers as Curly Washburn

Peck, Gregory  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1962 - Best Actor - To Kill a Mockingbird as Atticus Finch

Penn, Sean  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2003 - Best Actor - Mystic River as Jimmy Markum
  2008 - Best Actor - Milk as Harvey Milk

Pesci, Joe  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1990 - Best Supporting Actor - Goodfellas as Tommy DeVito

Plummer, Christopher  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2011 - Best Supporting Actor - Beginners as Hal Fields

Poitier, Sidney  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1963 - Best Actor - Lilies of the Field as Homer Smith

Quinn, Anthony  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1952 - Best Supporting Actor - Viva Zapata! as Eufemio Zapata
  1956 - Best Supporting Actor - Lust for Life as Paul Gauguin

Robards, Jason  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1977 - Best Supporting Actor - Julia as Dashiell Hammett

Robertson, Cliff  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1968 - Best Actor - Charly as Charly Gordon

Robbins, Tim  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2003 - Best Supporting Actor - Mystic River as Dave Boyle

Rush, Geoffrey  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1996 - Best Actor - Shine as David Helfgott

Russell, Harold  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1946 - Best Supporting Actor - The Best Years of Our Lives as Homer Parrish

Sanders, George  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1950 - Best Supporting Actor - All About Eve as Addison De Witt

Schell, Maximilian  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1961 - Best Actor - Judgment at Nuremberg as Hans Rolfe

Schildkraut, Joseph  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1937 - Best Supporting Actor - The Life of Emile Zola as Alfred Dougla

Scofield, Paul  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1966- A Man for All Seasons as Sir Thomas More

Scott, George C.  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1970 - Best Actor - Patton (declined) as George S. Patton

Sinatra, Frank  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1953 - Best Supporting Actor - From Here to Eternity as Private Angelo Maggio

Spacey, Kevin  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1995 - Best Supporting Actor - The Usual Suspects as Roger 'Verbal' Kint
  1999 - Best Actor - American Beauty as Lester Brunham

Steiger, Rod  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1967 - Best Actor - In the Heat of the Night as Bill Gillespie

Stewart, James  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1940 - Best Actor - The Philadelphia Story as Macaulay Connor

Tracy, Spencer  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1937 - Best Actor - Captains Courageous as Manuel
  1938 - Best Actor - Boys Town as Father Edward J. Flanigan

Ustinov, Peter  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1960 - Best Supporting Actor - Spartacus as Lentulus Batiatus
  1964 - Best Supporting Actor - Topkapi as Arthur Simon Simpson

Voight, Jon  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1978 - Best Actor - Coming Home as Luke Martin

Walken, Christopher  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1978 - Best Supporting Actor - The Deer Hunter as Nikonar 'Nick' Chevotarevich

Waltz, Christopher  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2009 - Best Supporting Actor - Inglorious Basterds as Col. Hans Landa
  2012 - Best Supporting Actor - Django Unchained as Dr. King Schultz

Washington, Denzel  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1989 - Best Supporting Actor - Glory as Private Trip
  2001 - Best Actor - Training Day as Alonzo Harris

Wayne, John  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1969 - Best Actor - True Grit as Rooster Cogburn

Whitaker, Forest  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  2006 - Best Actor - The Last King of Scotland as Idi Amin

Williams, Robin  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1997 - Best Supporting Actor - Good Will Hunting as Sean Maguire



Young, Gig  (Wikipedia, IMDb)
  1969 - Best Supporting Actor - They Shoot Horses, Don't They? as Rocky


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