Deschutes Public Library Mock Caldecott 2015

Caldecott Medal Every year the American Library Association awards the Caldecott Medal to the children’s book with the most distinguished illustrations. Below are fifteen that library staff thinks are worth considering. Let us know what you think and leave your comments in the box at the bottom. By January 5 we’ll narrow down to six titles, and the week of January 19 you’ll be able to vote for the one you think should win Deschutes Public Library’s Mock Caldecott.

If you would you like a librarian to visit your book club or classroom to explain the Caldecott and introduce this year’s candidates please contact Heather McNeil, Youth Services Manager, at, or 541-617-7099.

For more information about the Caldecott Medal go to

Click a book cover for more information or to request a copy. Scroll to the bottom of the page to leave your comments.

Cover Image 100 Things That Make Me Happy
Schwartz, Amy, author, illustrator.

Lists a wide variety of items, from red socks to peekaboo, that can make one happy.

Cover Image Aviary Wonders Inc. Spring Catalog and Instruction Manual : Renewing the World's Bird Supply Since 2031
Samworth, Kate, author, illustrator.

In a future when deforestation and other environmental factors have caused many bird species to go extinct, businessman Alfred Wallis offers a catalog of parts for creating replacements, from hand-carved beaks to Italian-leather feet.

Cover Image Draw!
Colón, Raúl.

In this wordless picture book, a boy who is confined to his room fills his sketch pad with lions and elephants, then imagines himself on a safari.

Cover Image The Farmer and the Clown
Frazee, Marla, author, illustrator.

A wordless picture book in which a farmer rescues a baby clown who's bounced off the circus train, and reunites him with his clown family.

Cover Image Flashlight
Boyd, Lizi, 1953- author.

In this story without words, a boy explores the woods after dark with a flashlight.

Cover Image Gaston
DiPucchio, Kelly.

A proper bulldog raised in a poodle family and a tough poodle raised in a bulldog family meet one day in the park.

Cover Image Harlem Hellfighters
Lewis, J. Patrick.

"A regiment of African American soldiers from Harlem journeys across the Atlantic to fight alongside the French in World War I, inspiring a continent with their brand of jazz music"--Provided by publisher.

Cover Image The Iridescence of Birds : A Book About Henri Matisse
MacLachlan, Patricia.

If you were a boy named Henri Matisse who lived in a dreary town in northern France, what would your life be like? Would it be full of color and art? Full of lines and dancing figures? Find out in this beautiful, unusual picture book about one of the world's most famous and influential artists by acclaimed author and Newbery Medal-winning Patricia MacLachlan and innovative illustrator Hadley Hooper.

Cover Image My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not)
Brown, Peter, 1979- author, illustrator.

Bobby thinks his teacher, Ms. Kirby, is horrible, but when he sees her outside of school and they spend a day in the park together, he discovers she might not be so bad after all.

Cover Image The Pilot and the Little Prince : The Life of Antoine De Saint-Exupéry
Sís, Peter, 1949-

A biography of French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Cover Image The Right Word : Roget and His Thesaurus
Bryant, Jennifer, author.

The story of "shy young Peter Mark Roget, [for whom] books were the best companions--and it wasn't long before Peter began writing his own book. But he didn't write stories; he wrote lists. Peter took his love for words and turned it to organizing ideas and finding exactly the right word to express just what he thought. His lists grew and grew, eventually turning into one of the most important reference books of all time"

Cover Image Telephone
Barnett, Mac, author.

In this picture book a string of birds on a telephone wire plays a game of telephone, with the usual mixed up results.

Cover Image Three Bears in a Boat
Soman, David, author, illustrator.

Afraid to face their mother after breaking her beautiful blue seashell, three bears set out on an high seas adventure to try to find a replacement.

Cover Image Viva Frida
Morales, Yuyi
Roaring Brook Press 20140902

Morales artistically distills the essence of the remarkable Frida Kahlo in this esoteric, multigenre picture book. Morales layers English and Spanish words never more than four to a page to depict a Frida who is curious, playful, wise, and inspired. Rather than tell a story, the text captures fragments of Frida's life, like snapshots with bilingual captions.

Cover Image Winter Is Coming
Johnston, Tony, 1942- author.

Each day, from September through November, brings glimpses of forest animals seeking food in preparation for the onset of winter, from a fox sniffing the last apple on the ground to a flock of wild turkeys that finds nothing.

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