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Browse the list below for a selection of great picture books on shapes and colors. Click the book cover or title to go to the book in the online catalog. Click the author's name to search for more books by that author.

Cover Image Mouse Shapes : A Very First Book
Arnosky, Jim.
New York : Clarion Books, 2001.

A mouse scrambles through an obstacle course, introducing the reader to simple shapes.

Cover Image White Rabbit's Color Book
Baker, Alan, 1951-
New York : Kingfisher Books, c1994.

White Rabbit hops from one paint pot to another, changing colors as he goes, until he ends up brown.

Cover Image White Rabbit's Color Book. Spanish
Baker, Alan, 1951-
Boston : Kingfisher, 2003.

White Rabbit hops from one paint pot to another, changing colors as he goes, until he ends up brown.

Cover Image Cat's Colors
Cabrera, Jane.
New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, 1997.

A cat describes ten different colors and tells which one is its favorite.

Cover Image Hello, Red Fox
Carle, Eric.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, c1998.

Guests at Little Frog's birthday party include the red fox, the purple butterfly, the orange cat, and other colorful animals. The illustrations are designed to demonstrate the concept of complementary colors.

Cover Image Dog's Colorful Day : A Messy Story About Colors and Counting
Dodd, Emma, 1969-
New York : Dutton Children's Books, 2001, c2000.

In this colorful story of a sloppy dog, you can count on a happy ending.

Cover Image Color Farm
Ehlert, Lois.
New York : Lippincott, c1990.

The rooster, dog, sheep, cow, pig, and other animals on a farm are made up of colorful shapes such as square, circle, rectangle, and triangle. Features die-cut pages.

Cover Image Color Zoo
Ehlert, Lois.
New York : Lippincott, c1989.

Introduces colors and shapes with illustrations of shapes on die-cut pages that form animal faces when placed on top of one another.

Cover Image Shape Capers
Falwell, Cathryn.
New York : Greenwillow Books, c2007.

A group of children shakes shapes out of a box and discovers the fun of using circles, squares, triangles, semicircles, rectangles, and their imaginations.

Cover Image Kid Tea
Ficocelli, Elizabeth.
Tarrytown, NY : M. Cavendish Children, c2007.

On every night of the week, a new color of "kid tea" is created in the bath, depending on the activities of that day.

Cover Image The Everything Book
Fleming, Denise, 1950-
New York : Henry Holt, 2000.

A collection of simple works which introduce colors, shapes, numbers, animals, food, and nursery rhymes.

Cover Image Lots of Dots
Frazier, Craig, 1955-
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 2010.

Circular shapes are spotted in familiar objects and everyday situations. Buttons are dots. Wheels are dots. Stars are dots. Ladybugs have dots and so do the fried eggs on your plate. Lots of dots!

Cover Image Always Lots of Heinies At the Zoo
Halliday, Ayun.
New York : Disney Hyperion Books, 2009.

Illustrations and rhyming text provide a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo, revealing many sizes, shapes, and colors of animal bottoms.

Cover Image Colors Everywhere
Hoban, Tana.
New York : Greenwillow Books, c1995.

Looks at the riot of colors that surround us and lets us see them in new ways.

Cover Image Cubes, Cones, Cylinders & Spheres
Hoban, Tana.
[New York] : Greenwillow Books, c2000.

Photographs of all kinds of familiar objects depict a variety of shapes, including cubes, cones, and spheres.

Cover Image Zoe's Hats : A Book of Colors and Patterns
Holm, Sharon Lane.
Honesdale, Pa. : Boyds Mills Press, 2003.

A little girl models hats in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns.

Cover Image Butterfly, Butterfly
Horáček, Petr.
Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2007.

Lucy's garden is full of oclorful creaturs that wriggle and spin, scurry and slither.

Cover Image A World of Colors : Seeing Colors in a New Way
Houblon, Marie.
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic, c2009.

Cover Image Red Green Blue : A First Book of Colors
Jay, Alison.
New York : Dutton Children's Books, 2010.

Characters from nursery rhymes populate this tale, which highlights the colorful aspects of the familiar poems. Includes a key to the nursery rhymes referenced in the story.

Cover Image Open This Little Book
Klausmeier, Jesse.
San Francisco, CA : Chronicle Books, c2013.

Pages of decreasing, then increasing, size open to reveal different animals, each opening a book of a different color and reading about the next.

Cover Image A Color of His Own
Lionni, Leo, 1910-1999.
New York : Knopf, [2003], c1975.

A little chameleon is distressed that he doesn't have his own color like other animals.

Cover Image What Colour Are Your Knickers
Lloyd, Sam.
New York, N.Y. : Scholastic, 2004.

This hilarious lift-the-flap features animals and the underwear they wear! This is a fun way to teach colors...and the importance of wearing your drawers!

Cover Image Sea Shapes
MacDonald, Suse.
San Diego : Harcourt Brace, c1994.

Cover Image Shape By Shape
MacDonald, Suse.
New York : Little Simon, c2009.

Turn the die-cut pages to discover colorful shapes, which come together to reveal a creature from long ago.

Cover Image Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Martin, Bill, 1916-2004.
New York : Henry Holt and Co., c1983.

Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a mother looking at them.

Cover Image Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Spanish
Martin, Bill, 1916-2004.
New York : H. Holt, 1998.

In a question and answer game, a teacher and her group see a variety of animals, each one a different color.

Cover Image Cleo's Color Book
Mockford, Caroline.
Cambridge, MA : Barefoot Books, 2006.

When Cleo the cat goes out to play, she observes a variety of colors in the things around her.

Cover Image Shapes That Roll
Nagel, Karen Berman.
Maplewood, NJ : Blue Apple Books : Distributed in the U.S. by Chronicle Books, c2009.

Cover Image Color Chaos!
Reed, Lynn Rowe.
New York : Holiday House, c2010.

When substitute principal Mr. Greystone prohibits colors at Hughes Elementary School, it takes a visit from illustrator Maurice Coleur to set things right. Includes information about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors and the color wheel.

Cover Image The Dot
Reynolds, Peter, 1961-
Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2003.

Vashti believes that she cannot draw, but her art teacher's encouragement leads her to change her mind.

Cover Image Square Cat
Schoonmaker, Elizabeth.
New York : Aladdin, 2011.

Eulah the cat is square and, while she longs to be round like other cats, her friends show her the benefits of the shape that she has.

Cover Image Lemons Are Not Red
Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.
Brookfield, Conn. : Roaring Brook Press, c2004.

A simple story highlights such things as a yellow lemon, a pink flamingo, and a silver moon in a visual game in which die-cut shapes fall on the correct color backgrounds.

Cover Image Green
Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.
New York : Roaring Brook Press, 2012.

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text explore the many shades of the color green.

Cover Image White Is for Blueberry
Shannon, George.
New York : Greenwillow Books, c2005.

Encourages the reader to look at objects in nature from another perspective, observing their colors in a new way.

Cover Image It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Shaw, Charles Green, 1892-1974.
New York : Harper, 1947

Cover Image Red Sings From Treetops : A Year in Colors
Sidman, Joyce.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2009.

Nature displays different colors to announce the seasons of the year.

Cover Image I Like Fruit : A Touch and Feel Board Book
Siminovich, Lorena.
Somerville, Mass. : Templar Books, 2010.

Collage illustrations and simple text invite the reader to explore the world of fruit, from blue blueberries to yellow pears.

Cover Image Sweet Dreams Lullaby
Snyder, Betsy E.
New York : Random House, c2010.

A young bunny goes to sleep and dreams of the soothing colors, shapes, sights, and sounds of nature.

Cover Image Round Is a Mooncake : A Book of Shapes
Thong, Roseanne.
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2000.

As a little girl discovers things round, square, and rectangular in her urban neighborhood, she is reminded of her Chinese American culture.

Cover Image Knock! Knock!
Tidholm, Anna-Clara.
San Francisco, Calif. : Mackenzie Smiles, 2009.

Each door is a different color and each door hides a surprise.

Cover Image Mouse Shapes
Walsh, Ellen Stoll.
Orlando : Harcourt, c2007.

Three mice make a variety of things out of different shapes as they hide from a scary cat.

Cover Image A Circle in the Sky
Wilson, Zachary, 1975-
New York : Children's Press, c2007.

A child puts together various simple shapes to build a rocket that will fly to the moon.

Cover Image Un Círculo en El Cielo
Wilson, Zachary, 1975-
Nueva York : Children's Press, c2012.

A child puts together various simple shapes to build a rocket that will fly to the moon. Includes suggested learning activities.

Cover Image I Went Walking
Williams, Sue, 1948-
San Diego : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1990.

During the course of a walk, a young boy identifies animals of different colors.

Cover Image I Went Walking = Salí De Paseo
Williams, Sue, 1948-
Orlando : Harcourt, 2006.

During the course of a walk, a young boy identifies animals of different colors.

Cover Image The Deep Blue Sea : A Book of Colors
Wood, Audrey.
New York : Blue Sky Press, c2005.

Introduces various colors by presenting a colorful scene on a rock in the deep blue sea.

Cover Image Who Do I See?
Yoon, Salina.
New York : Robin Corey Books, 2011.

Young readers are invited to identify animals with different color patterns, in a die-cut book with insets of holographic foil. On board pages.

Cover Image Squarehead
Ziefert, Harriet.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2001.

George only likes things that are square like himself until a dream reminds him of how nice round can be.

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