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When wishes were horses When wishes were horses
Addy, Sharon.
On a hot, dusty day as Zeb is walking to the general store, he wishes for a horse, but soon his one horse grows into a snorting, stamping herd.

Billy and Blaze
Anderson, C. W. (Clarence William), 1891-1971.

The Thunderherd The Thunderherd
Appelt, Kathi, 1954-
As a thunderstorm rushes down from the mountains, a lone mustang shows the strength and speed of its ancestors as it races across the grassy prairie.

Seneca Seneca
Baker, Karen, 1965-
After choosing a horse for her own, a young girl takes care of it, goes for rides, and visits it each day.

Little Rat rides Little Rat rides
Bang-Campbell, Monika.
Little Rat overcomes her fear and learns to ride a horse, just like her daddy did when he was young.

The very best daddy of all The very best daddy of all
Bauer, Marion Dane.
Pictures and rhyming text show how some fathers, animal, bird, and human, take care of their children by bringing them food, playing with them, and keeping them safe.

The perfect pony The perfect pony
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker.
While searching for a sleek, fast, and spirited pony to own, a young girl comes to realize that the "perfect" pony is actually very different.

Fritz and the beautiful horses Fritz and the beautiful horses
Brett, Jan, 1949-
Fritz, a pony excluded from the group of beautiful horses within the walled city, becomes a hero when he rescues the children of the city.

The ice horse The ice horse
Christiansen, Candace.
While harvesting ice on the Hudson River with his uncle one winter, a boy uses quick thinking to save his uncle's horse.

The midnight circus The midnight circus
Collington, Peter.
A young boy's favorite mechanical horse comes to life and carries him to a circus for a night of adventure and stardom.

Farmer Will Farmer Will
Cowen-Fletcher, Jane.
Will, the happiest little farmer in the whole wide world, loves to take his horse Orsey, his cow Dow, his sheep Bah, and his pig Wink-Wink outside and play with them.

Where horses run free Where horses run free
Cowley, Joy.
When a cowboy comes across a penned-up herd of wild horses, he vows to find a home where the horses can run free.

Horse Horse
Doyle, Malachy.
Illustrations and simple text describe the first year of a foal's life, from his birth one warm spring night, through lazy summer days, to the next spring, when he is old enough to be bridled like his mother.

Robert the rose horse Robert the rose horse
Heilbroner, Joan.
Tom the cat becomes fascinated with his owner's new television set and tries to emulate everything that he sees.

Hannah Mae O'Hannigan's Wild West Show Hannah Mae O'Hannigan's Wild West Show
Ernst, Lisa Campbell.
Born to be a cowgirl, city-dweller Hannah Mae O'Hannigan gets a pony for the back yard and practices herding hamsters before proving her worth on her Uncle Coot's ranch out West.

Leah's pony Leah's pony
Friedrich, Elizabeth.
A young girl sells her horse and raises enough money to buy back her father's tractor, which is up for auction, in this story of a Depression era farm.

The girl who loved wild horses The girl who loved wild horses
Goble, Paul.
Though she is fond of her people, a girl prefers to live among the wild horses where she is truly happy and free.

The wild little horse The wild little horse
Gray, Rita.
Little Horse cannot resist the call of the wind, which encourages him to run like a wild colt and cavort by the sea.

Appaloosa zebra Appaloosa zebra
Haas, Jessie.
Moving through the alphabet, a girl ponders the many different kinds of horses she will have when she gets older, from Appaloosa to zebra.

Mowing Mowing
Haas, Jessie.
Nora helps her grandfather mow the field by watching for little animals in the tall grass and warning him to circle the horses and mowing machine around them.

Scamper and the horse show Scamper and the horse show
Haas, Jessie.
Molly and her sister hope that their horse Scamper's costume will win a blue ribbon in the horse show, but some unexpected rainfall changes the situation. Includes information on horse shows.

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa
Silverman, Erica.
Cowgirl Kate and her cowhorse Cocoa, who is always hungry, count cows, share a story, and help each other fall asleep.

Clip-clop Clip-clop
Smee, Nicola.
When Mr. Horse gives a ride to his friends, Cat, Dog, Pig, and Duck, they urge him to go faster and faster.

Cowboy Ned & Andy Cowboy Ned & Andy
Stein, David Ezra.
On a cattle drive in the desert on the night before Cowboy Ned's birthday, his horse Andy goes in search of a birthday cake, which he thinks will make Ned's birthday complete.

Ned's new friend Ned's new friend
Stein, David Ezra.
When Cowboy Ned meets Miss Clementine, his horse Andy, who is his best friend, becomes jealous.

Blue horse Blue horse
Stephens, Helen, 1972-
Shy Tilly is new in town with a toy horse as her only friend, but her adventures with him help her to find the courage to ask another solitary girl to play.

O'Sullivan stew : a tale cooked up in Ireland O'Sullivan stew : a tale cooked up in Ireland
Talbott, Hudson.
When the witch of Crookhaven, a village on the zigzagging coast of Ireland, has her horse stolen by the King and strikes back with famine and disaster, Kate decides to save the day by getting the horse back for her.

Horse in the pigpen Horse in the pigpen
Williams, Linda, 1948-
A child tries to get his mother's attention as chaos erupts around the family farm.

Ancient thunder Ancient thunder
Yerxa, Leo, 1947-

Hush, little horsie Hush, little horsie
Yolen, Jane.
Rhyming text assures foals that their mothers are watching over them while they leap on a farm, frolic on a beach, gallop on a plain, and sleep in a stall.

Sky dogs Sky dogs
Yolen, Jane.
A young motherless boy in a tribe of Blackfeet Indians is present when his people see horses for the first time and are changed forever.

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