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The return of Freddy Legrand The return of Freddy Legrand
Agee, Jon.

Grandpa is a flier Grandpa is a flier
Baker, Sanna Anderson.
Anne's grandfather tells how he became interested in flying in the early days of flight when barnstorming was popular.

Airport Airport
Barton, Byron.
Describes and pictures what happens from the time an airplane passenger arrives at an airport and boards an airplane until the plane is in the air.

Captain Arsenio : inventions and (mis)adventures in flight Captain Arsenio : inventions and (mis)adventures in flight
Bernasconi, Pablo, 1973-
Pages from the recently discovered diary of Captain Manuel J. Arsenio, in which are recorded his many failed attempts to create a flying machine, starting in the 1780s with the Motocanary, progressing through the Aerial Submarine, the Hamstertronic, and three other disasters.

Goodbye, Charles Lindbergh : based on a true story Goodbye, Charles Lindbergh : based on a true story
Borden, Louise.
A farm boy meets his hero, Colonel Charles Lindbergh, when he lands his bi-plane in a field near Canton, Mississippi, in 1929.

Violet the pilot Violet the pilot
Breen, Steve.
Young Violet's only friend is her dog, Orville, until one of her homemade flying machines takes her to the rescue of a Boy Scout troop in trouble.

Hedgie blasts off! Hedgie blasts off!
Brett, Jan, 1949-
When the spectacular, sparkling explosions at a popular tourist sight slow down, Hedgie the hedgehog is the only one capable of flying to tiny planet Mikkop to see what is wrong.

Miffy goes flying Miffy goes flying
Bruna, Dick.

Amelia's fantastic flight Amelia's fantastic flight
Bursik, Rose.
A young girl builds her own airplane and flies around the world, "freezing in Finland," "charmed by China," and getting "a kick out of Kenya"--before returning home for dinner.

Hot-air Henry Hot-air Henry
Calhoun, Mary.
A sassy Siamese cat stows away on a hot air balloon and ends up taking a fur-raising flight across the mountains.

This plane This plane
Collicutt, Paul.
Simple text and illustrations present different types of airplanes and the work they do.

Flying Flying
Crews, Donald.
An airplane takes off, flies, and lands after having passed over cities, country areas, lakes, and more.

Leonardo's dream Leonardo's dream
Beer, Hans de, 1957-
A penguin that longs to fly has his dream come true when he finds an old airplane.

The noisy airplane ride The noisy airplane ride
Downs, Mike.
Rhyming text describes the many sounds associated with an airplane flight and what they mean. Includes a section with more facts about airplanes.

Grandpa takes me to the moon Grandpa takes me to the moon
Gaffney, Timothy R.
A child whose grandfather was an astronaut always asks Grandpa for a bedtime story in which the two of them blast off for the moon together.

Wee and the Wright brothers Wee and the Wright brothers
Gaffney, Timothy R.
A rodent reporter from the "Mouse News" travels from Dayton, Ohio, to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to cover Wilbur and Orville Wright's historic 1903 flight.

Airplanes : soaring! diving! turning! Airplanes : soaring! diving! turning!
Hubbell, Patricia.
Illustrations and rhyming text celebrate different kinds of airplanes and what they can do.

My first airplane ride My first airplane ride
Hubbell, Patricia.
Follows a young traveler through his first airplane ride, from takeoff to touchdown.

Come fly with me Come fly with me
Ichikawa, Satomi.
Woggy and Cosmos, a toy dog and a toy airplane, go on an adventure in Paris.

The way back home The way back home
Jeffers, Oliver.
Stranded on the moon after his extraordinary airplane takes him into outer space, a boy meets a marooned young Martian with a broken spacecraft, and the two new friends work together to return to their respective homes.

I'll see you in my dreams I'll see you in my dreams
Jukes, Mavis.
A girl preparing to visit her seriously ill uncle in the hospital imagines being a skywriter and flying over his bed with a message of love.

Clorinda takes flight Clorinda takes flight
Kinerk, Robert.
Using determination and vision, Clorinda the cow and her friend Hop the pig build a variety of flying machines, hoping to fulfill her desire to take flight.

Up in the air Up in the air
Livingston, Myra Cohn.
A poem describing the sights and sensations of flying in an airplane.

A plane goes ka-zoom! A plane goes ka-zoom!
London, Jonathan, 1947-
Easy-to-read, rhyming text describes the sounds of, and uses for, different kinds of airplanes.

Moon plane Moon plane
McCarty, Peter.
A young boy looks at a plane in the sky and imagines flying one all the way to the moon.

First flight First flight
McPhail, David, 1940-
A naughty teddy bear, in contrast with his well-behaved owner, ignores all the rules and disrupts their first airplane trip.

Henry Bear's park Henry Bear's park
McPhail, David, 1940-
Henry Bear plans to search for his father, who left a park in Henry's care when he went off in a hot air balloon.

Amazing airplanes Amazing airplanes
Mitton, Tony.
Rhyming text introduces air travel, from the airport to the flight deck, with information about how planes fly, safety rules, in-flight entertainment, and air traffic control.

Angela's airplane Angela's airplane
Munsch, Robert N., 1945-
Angela's father gets lost at an airport which gives Angela an opportunity to fly an airplane, crash the airplane; and, than grow up to be a airplane pilot.

Cromwell Dixon's Sky Cycle Cromwell Dixon's Sky Cycle
Nez, John A.
In 1907 Columbus, Ohio, fourteen-year-old Cromwell Dixon, aided by his mother, begins building the flying bicycle he has invented to enter in the St. Louis Air Ship Carnival. Includes facts about Dixon's life as an aviation pioneer.

Stella to Earth Stella to Earth
Puttock, Simon.
Before Stella's father comes in to tell her a bedtime story, Stella takes a little trip in a spaceship.

I fly I fly
Rockwell, Anne F.
A child describes his airplane trip to visit his cousins.

My friend Rabbit My friend Rabbit
Rohmann, Eric.
Something always seems to go wrong when Rabbit is around, but Mouse lets him play with his toy plane anyway because he is his good friend.

Toad takes off Toad takes off
Schade, Susan.
Although he cannot fly like the birds, Toad finds a way to take to the air.

Captain Bob takes flight Captain Bob takes flight
Schotter, Roni.
A boy pretends to be on a flight mission while cleaning his room.

Højt at flyve. English Højt at flyve. English
Stamp, Jørgen, 1969-
Walter the giraffe builds an airplane, but when Sonny the turtle wants to accompany him on his maiden flight, Walter ignores his request.

Lettice the flying rabbit Lettice the flying rabbit
Stanley, Mandy.
Lettice Rabbit wishes she could fly, and her dream comes true when she encounters a pink toy airplane.

I love planes! I love planes!
Sturges, Philemon.
A child celebrates his love of planes by naming his favorite kinds and their notable characteristics.

Where is Coco going? Where is Coco going?
Tanen, Sloane.
Coco the chicken takes all manner of transportation, including a taxi, train, camel, plane, spaceship, skateboard, and parachute, to get to Grandma's house.

Plane rides Plane rides
Walker, Pam, 1958-
Simple text and photographs present the experience of taking a ride on an airplane.

Air show! Air show!
Williams, Treat.
Ellie and her brother Gill go to an air show with their father.

Commander Toad and the voyage home Commander Toad and the voyage home
Yolen, Jane.
Commander Toad leads the lean green space machine "Star Warts" to find new worlds but runs into trouble when he sets course for home.

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