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Cover Image Lucy and the Bully
Alexander, Claire.
Morton Grove, Ill. : Albert Whitman & Co., 2008.

When a mean classmate in preschool wrecks Lucy's artwork, she discovers that they can be friends once he stops being jealous of her.

Cover Image Not so Tall for Six
Aston, Dianna Hutts.
Watertown, MA : Charlesbridge, c2008.

Six-year-old Kylie Bell comes from a long line of not-so-tall people, but she remembers the family motto--"Brave and smart and big at heart"--which helps her to treat the class bully with kindness.

Cover Image Bootsie Barker Bites
Bottner, Barbara.
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c1992.

Bootsie Barker only wants to play games in which she bites, until one day her friend comes up with a better game.

Cover Image Scary Mary
Bowles, Paula.
Wilton, Conn. : Tiger Tales, 2012.

A bullying chicken who keeps all the sunflower seeds to herself and builds a fort to keep the other barnyard animals away soon realizes that being scary is lonely.

Cover Image Bad Astrid
Brennan, Eileen (Eileen Bridget), 1965-

"Bad Astrid has been terrorizing everyone and everything on her block ever since her family moved in. But when an accident befalls the bully, it's up to a new neighbor to teach Astrid how to be a friend"--Provided by publisher.

Cover Image Henry and the Bully
Carlson, Nancy L.
New York : Viking, 2010.

When a new second grader begins bullying Henry and the other first graders, Henry stumbles onto a secret that just might save them.

Cover Image The Bully Goat Grim : A Maynard Moose Tale
Claflin, Willy, 1944-
Atlanta, Ga. : August House Little Folk, 2012.

A big bully, afflicted with Random Hostility Syndrome, terrorizes all of the forest animals until a clever young troll gets his goat. In addition to the Fractured Moose English glossary, there are Grown-up Words included to help everyone follow the action.

Cover Image Tough Jim
Cohen, Miriam, 1926-
New York : Star Bright Books, 2008, c1974.

The first grade's costume party is interrupted by the third grade bully.

Cover Image Jake's Best Thumb
Cooper, Ilene.
New York : Dutton Children's Books, 2008.

When Jake goes to kindergarten, a bully teases him about sucking his thumb, but Jake discovers that everyone--even bullies--needs some help being brave.

Cover Image Bullies Never Win
Cuyler, Margery.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, c2009.

First-grader Jessica worries about everything Brenda the bully might tease her about, until the day she has had enough and discovers a new way to deal with Brenda.

Cover Image Ben Rides On
Davies, Matt (Matthew Keiland Parry), 1966-

Ben rides his new bicycle the very, very long way to school but Adrian Underbite, perhaps the world's largest third-grader, takes the bike anyway and later, when Ben finds Adrian in trouble, he must decide whether or not to help the larcenous bully.

Cover Image Llama Llama and the Bully Goat
Dewdney, Anna, author, illustrator.

Following their teacher's lead, Llama Llama speaks to Gilroy Goat and tells him he should not act like a bully on the playground.

Cover Image Black Belt
Faulkner, Matt.
New York : Knopf, c2000.

After hiding in a karate school to escape a bully, Bushi wakes up in another time and learns from a karate master that intelligence can be more powerful than mere strength.

Cover Image Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl!
Foreman, Michael, 1938-

"When a group of bullies steal a poor newspaper boy's money, his bag suddenly flies into the air and the newspapers transform into Origami Girl. Joey is whisked away on a hair-raising chase with his new superhero friend in order to confront the bullies!" -- Cover.

Cover Image Dixie and the Big Bully
Gilman, Grace, author.
New York : Harper, an imprint of Harpercollins Publishers, [2013]

"Emma and Dixie are best friends. They do everything together and are always there for each other. But when Emma starts having trouble at school, she realizes that not everyone knows how to be a good friend. Can Dixie help?"--Page [4] of cover.

Cover Image Chrysanthemum
Henkes, Kevin.
New York : Greenwillow Books, c1991.

Chrysanthemum loves her name, until she starts going to school and the other children make fun of it.

Cover Image Goal!
Javaherbin, Mina.
Somerville, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2010.

In a dangerous alley in a township in South Africa, the strength and unity which a group of young friends feel while playing soccer keep them safe when a gang of bullies arrives to cause trouble.

Cover Image The Rat and the Tiger
Kasza, Keiko.
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c1993.

In his friendship with Rat, Tiger takes advantage and plays the bully because of his greater size, but one day Rat stands up for his rights.

Cover Image Goggles
Keats, Ezra Jack.
New York : Aladdin Books ; London : Collier Macmillan, 1986, c1969.

Two boys must outsmart the neighborhood bullies before they can enjoy their new treasure, a pair of lensless motorcycle goggles.

Cover Image The Three Bully Goats
Kimmelman, Leslie.
Chicago, Ill. : Albert Whitman, 2011.

Billy goat brothers Gruff, Ruff, and Tuff are bullies who rule their meadow, but when they cross Little Ogre's bridge and are mean to the baby animals on the other side, they are in for a surprise. Gives a classic tale a delightful, contemporary twist.

Cover Image Jungle Bullies
Kroll, Steven.
New York : Marshall Cavendish, 2006.

To get what they want, the larger jungle animals bully the smaller ones until Mama Monkey shows them all the benefits of sharing.

Cover Image Lion Vs. Rabbit
Latimer, Alex, author, illustrator.

"Lion is mean to everyone. When the other animals can't take his bullying anymore, they hire Rabbit to outsmart him"-- Provided by publisher.

Cover Image Hooway for Wodney Wat
Lester, Helen.
Boston, Mass. : Houghton Mifflin, 1999.

All his classmates make fun of Rodney because he can't pronounce his name, but it is Rodney's speech impediment that drives away the class bully.

Cover Image Nobody Knew What to Do : A Story About Bullying
McCain, Becky R. (Becky Ray)
Morton Grove, Illinois : Albert Whitman & Company, 2001.

When bullies pick on a boy at school, a classmate is afraid, but decides that he must do something.

Cover Image Elmer and the Big Bird
McKee, David.

When Elmer the patchwork elephant learns that a bully is bothering the smaller birds, he devises a plan to teach the bully bird a lesson.

Cover Image Sea Monster and the Bossy Fish
Messner, Kate.

When the new fish in class criticizes everything and tries to bully the other students, Sea Monster needs to think of a way that everyone can play together and get along.

Cover Image King of the Playground
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.
New York : Atheneum, 1991.

With his dad's help, Kevin overcomes his fear of the "King of the Playground" who has threatened to tie him to the slide, put him in a deep hole, or put him in a cage with bears.

Cover Image The Recess Queen
O'Neill, Alexis, 1949-
New York : Scholastic, 2002.

Mean Jean is the biggest bully on the school playground until a new girl arrives and challenges Jean's status as the Recess Queen.

Cover Image One
Otoshi, Kathryn.
Mill Valley, Calif. : KO Kids Books, 2008.

A number/color book reminding us that it just takes one to make everyone count.

Cover Image Myrtle
Pearson, Tracey Campbell.
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2004.

With the help of their Aunt Tizzy, Myrtle and her baby brother learn how to deal with a mean neighbor named Frances.

Cover Image The Tale of Sir Dragon : Dealing with Bullies for Kids (And Dragons)
Pendziwol, Jean.
Toronto : Kids Can Press, 2007.

Cover Image Zoom! Boom! Bully
Scieszka, Jon.
New York : Aladdin, 2008.

Big Rig loves to smash items delivered to a construction site, including barrels, crates, tires, and even his own birthday presents.

Cover Image Bully
Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.

A little bull discovers that he has been a big bully.

Cover Image Sneaky Weasel
Shaw, Hannah.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2008.

Cover Image You're Mean, Lily Jean!
Wishinsky, Frieda.
Chicago, Ill. : Albert Whitman, 2011.

Sisters Carly and Sandy have always played together, but when Lily moves in next door she only wants to play with Sandy, and insists that if Carly joins them she must be a baby, or a cow, or a dog.

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