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Dancing in the wings Dancing in the wings
Allen, Debbie, 1950-
Sassy tries out for a summer dance festival in Washington, D.C., despite the other girls' taunts that she is much too tall.

Degas and the little dancer : a story about Edgar Degas Degas and the little dancer : a story about Edgar Degas
Anholt, Laurence.
Because Marie helps her poor parents by modeling for an ill-tempered artist, she becomes a famous ballerina but not in the way she had dreamed.

Peeping Beauty Peeping Beauty
Auch, Mary Jane.
Poulette the dancing hen falls into the clutches of a hungry fox, who exploits her desire to become a great ballerina.

Hen lake Hen lake
Auch, Mary Jane.
Tired of the bragging of Percival the peacock, Poulette convinces the other hens in the barnyard that they can outperform the boastful bird in a ballet she creates.

Bootsie Barker ballerina Bootsie Barker ballerina
Bottner, Barbara.
Bernie and Lisa get even with Bootsie Barker, who is terrorizing their ballet class.

The yellow tutu The yellow tutu
Bramsen, Kirsten.
When Margo gets a sunny yellow tutu for her birthday it is exactly what she wants, and she wears it to school--on her head.

All tutus should be pink All tutus should be pink
Brownrigg, Sheri.
Two little girls attend ballet class and eat strawberry ice cream afterwards.

The day before Christmas The day before Christmas
Bunting, Eve, 1928-
Four years after the death of her mother, seven-year-old Allie goes with her grandfather to a performance of "The Nutcracker" on Christmas Eve, hears about the special day he had with her mother going to her first "Nutcracker," and shares his loving memory of her.

Baseball ballerina Baseball ballerina
Cristaldi, Kathryn.
A baseball-loving girl worries that the ballet class her mother forces her to take will ruin her reputation with the other members of her baseball team.

Ten go tango Ten go tango
Dorros, Arthur.
In this counting book, ten groups of animals indulge in ten different dances, from one osprey dancing ballet to ten flamingos doing the tango. Features pages that unfold into a panorama.

Honk! Honk!
Edwards, Pamela Duncan.
A ballet-loving swan wins acclaim when she manages to join the other dancers in a performance of Swan Lake.

Dancing class Dancing class
Ehrlich, H. M.
For Ava and the other animal dancers, ballet class is an exciting experience.

Little ballet star Little ballet star
Geras, Adèle.
Tilly is thrilled when she gets to see her aunt perform in the ballet, "The Sleeping Beauty," especially because she gets to go backstage and even on the stage itself.

My mama had a dancing heart My mama had a dancing heart
Gray, Libba Moore.
A ballet dancer recalls how she and her mother would welcome each season with a dance outdoors.

Angelina, star of the show Angelina, star of the show
Holabird, Katharine.
Angelina the mouse goes by boat with her grandparents to the Mouseland Dance Festival, but gets into some trouble along the way.

Lili at ballet Lili at ballet
Isadora, Rachel.
Lili dreams of becoming a ballerina and goes to her ballet lessons four afternoons a week.

Not just tutus Not just tutus
Isadora, Rachel.
Describes the struggles and triumphs of a young girl learning and performing ballet.

Priscilla's paw de deux Priscilla's paw de deux
Jennings, Sharon.

Clorinda Clorinda
Kinerk, Robert.
Defying the odds, Clorinda the cow follows her dream of becoming a ballet dancer.

Marie in fourth position : the story of Degas's "The little dancer" Marie in fourth position : the story of Degas's "The little dancer"
Littlesugar, Amy.
After she models for the artist and sculptor Edgar Degas, Marie feels transformed into a butterfly and becomes known all over the world as "The Little Dancer."

Swine lake Swine lake
Marshall, James, 1942-1992.
A hungry wolf attends a performance of Swine Lake, performed by the Boarshoi Ballet, intending to eat the performers, but he is so entranced by the story unfolding on the stage that he forgets about his meal.

Shanna's ballerina show Shanna's ballerina show
Marzollo, Jean.
Through clues, rhythm, and rhyme, Shanna introduces youngsters to what it is like to be a ballerina, in an addition to a creative series that helps develop self-esteem and problem-solving skills.

James the dancing dog James the dancing dog
Maybarduk, Linda.

James Mayhew presents Ella Bella ballerina and The sleeping beauty. James Mayhew presents Ella Bella ballerina and The sleeping beauty.
Mayhew, James, 1964-
After finishing her ballet class, Ella Bella listens to music from Tchaikovsky's ballet The sleeping beauty ballet and is magically transported into the story where the ballet takes place. She meets all the story's characters and she watches as the legendary tale unolds before her very eyes.

Nutcracker noel : story Nutcracker noel : story
McMullan, Kate.

Chasing Degas Chasing Degas
Montanari, Eva, 1977-
At the time of the Impressionists, a young ballet dancer races around Paris searching for Monsieur Degas, who accidentally took her bag--and the tutu she needs for the recital in which she is to perform that night. Includes reproductions of paintings by French Impressionist painters, with an author's note.

Nina, Nina and the copycat ballerina Nina, Nina and the copycat ballerina
O'Connor, Jane.
When a young girl starts dance class with another girl who has the same name, she is upset that the other girl copies everything she does.

Ballet sisters : the newest dancer Ballet sisters : the newest dancer
Ormerod, Jan.
Sylvie gets to attend ballet school, just like her big sister.

Pierre in love Pierre in love
Pennypacker, Sara, 1951-
Feeling "bloopy and love-swoggled" in the presence of Catherine, the elegant ballet teacher, a humble fisherman tries to muster the courage to reveal his affection for her.

Stella is a star Stella is a star
Peters, Bernadette.
Stella would rather be a graceful pig ballerina than what she really is, a dog no one seems to like, but on the night of her ballet recital Stella learns that it is better to be herself.

Dolores on her toes Dolores on her toes
Samuels, Barbara.
When her cat disappears just before Tutu Day, Dolores, with the help of her sister, realizes that Duncan does not want to be a ballerina.

Over in the meadow at the big ballet Over in the meadow at the big ballet
Shulman, Lisa.
A nervous little swan, a demanding teacher, and others work hard to prepare for a ballet recital.

Ballerina! Ballerina!
Sís, Peter, 1949-
A little girl puts on costumes of different colors and imagines herself dancing on stage.

Tutus aren't my style Tutus aren't my style
Skeers, Linda.
When she receives a ballerina costume from her uncle, Emma, who does not know how to be a ballerina, gets a lot of advice from friends and family.

Lila Bloom Lila Bloom
Stadler, Alexander.
Angry after a difficult day, Lila decides to quit ballet class but reconsiders after she realizes that dancing makes her feel much better.

Amanda Pig on her own Amanda Pig on her own
Van Leeuwen, Jean.
When her brother goes off to school, Amanda finds new things to do, including ballet dancing, cleaning her room, and making a very sad, mad day go away, with the help of hugs from Mother Pig.

Ella, of course! Ella, of course!
Weeks, Sarah.
When Ella is banned from bringing her umbrella to the dance recital, she comes up with an ingenious solution to the problem.

Belinda begins ballet Belinda begins ballet
Young, Amy.
When Belinda, a tiny girl with enormous feet, is cast as a clown in her school's talent show she is very unhappy, but after each disastrous rehearsal she observes an older student ballet dancing, then goes home to practice what she has seen.

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