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Oregon History

Celebrate Oregon's Birthday (February 14,1859) with a look at the events and people that make up the 33rd state's fascinating history.


Look for more Oregon History titles in the call number area 979.5.  Guidebooks and pictorial works are located at 917.95.  All Oregon books are indicated by an Oregon sticker on the spine above the call number.  Listed below are some newer titles about Oregon's history.

Discovering Oregon by Barbara Shangle
  (Non-Fiction 917.95 SHANGLE)
Finding the Trail in Oregon by Keith F. May
  (Non-Fiction 917.95 MAY)
Hiking Oregon's History by William L. Sullivan
  (Non-Fiction 917.95 SULLIVAN)
Netting the Sun: A Personal Geography of the Oregon Desert by Melvin R. Adams
  (Non-Fiction 979.5 ADAMS)
New Era: Reflections on the Human and Natural History of Oregon by Jarold Ramsey
  (Non-Fiction 959.58 RAMSEY)
Oregon: Then & Now by Benjamin A Gifford
  (Oversize 979.5 GIFFORD)
Oregon's Promise: An Interpretive History by David Peterson del Mar
  (Non-Fiction 979.5 PETERSON)

Web Links

The Oregon Encyclopedia
Authoritative and free resource on all things Oregon

Historical Gazette
Information on mining, the Oregon Trail, and early settlers

On This Day in Oregon
A daily historical calendar of Oregon life.

Oregon: a Place Called Oregon
Includes historical photographs, postcards and the 1850 census.

Oregon Blue Book History Page
The official Oregon history home page.  Includes a chronological history, a bibliography of books and articles, historical photographs, and short biographies of notable Oregonians.

Oregon History Project
An on-going project of the Oregon Historical Society where historians and writers are developing an online resource for exploring Oregon's rich history.

Oregon State Archives
Access to Oregon's state records.  Don't miss the web exhibits or the archive tour!

WPA Life Histories from Oregon
The Federal Writer's Project's first person accounts of Oregon lives.

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