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Management Resources

The resources listed here include books and web sites that will help you manage your new business.

General Management - A sample of available titles for managing your business.

201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business
(Nonfiction 658.022 APPLEGATE -- Bend)

Business Know-How
(Nonfiction 658.022 ATTARD -- Bend, La Pine, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver)

Complete Guide to Home Business
(Nonfiction 658.041 SPIEGEL -- Bend, Redmond)

Home Office and Small Business Answer Book
(Nonfiction 658.041 ATTARD -- Bend, La Pine, Redmond)

Launching Your First Small Business
(Nonfiction 658.022 LAUNCHING -- Bend, Redmond)

Small Business Survival Kit
(Nonfiction 658.022 VENTURA -- Bend)

Customer Service

Complete Customer Service Model Letter & Memo Book
(Nonfiction 651.75 RAMUNDO -- Bend, Redmond)
Over 700 model letters and memos to use for customer service communication.

Just Say Yes!
(Nonfiction 658.812 NULMAN -- Bend)
Practical advice and real-life case studies explain how you can offer extreme customer service.

Keeping Customers Happy
(Nonfiction 658.812 DUNCKEL -- Bend)
Easy to use handbook that explains customer service, how to set goals for your business, and how to keep the customer happy.

Managing to Keep the Customer
(Nonfiction 658.812 DESATNICK -- Bend, Redmond)
Offers a comprehensive treatment of customer service.

Smart Things to Know About Customers
(Nonfiction 658.812 JAY -- Bend)
Easy to read book that covers the development of a customer service vision, management of customers, and winning new customers.

Upset Citizens and Customers
(Nonfiction 658.812 SLOWIK -- Bend)
Offers practical advice and solutions for dealing with angry, difficult, and demanding customers.

Human Resources

Company Policy & Personnel Workbook
(Reference 658.3 RAMEY -- Bend)
A handy workbook to help you create or update your company policy manual.  Offers pre-written model policies and alternates that you can adapt to your unique situation.

Complete Portfolio of Prewritten Job Descriptions
(Reference 658.306 WOLFF -- Bend)
Sample descriptions for a variety of jobs.  Also offers instructions for developing your own descriptions.

Hire and Keep the Best People
(Nonfiction 658.311 TRACY -- Bend)
Offers 21 simple techniques to hire and keep the best people for your business.

The HR Book
(Nonfiction 658.303 GRENSING -- Bend)
Covers everything from hiring to evaluating to disciplinary action.  Includes checklists and sample forms for employee management.

Oregon Business Guide, Sections 14-21
These sections cover everything businesses in Oregon with employees need to know.

Oregon Employment Department
Click on Employers for program information for businesses with employees.

Smart Things to Know About People Management
(Nonfiction 658.3 FIRTH -- Bend)
Offers insightful information about managing people in an easy-to-read format.

Society of Human Resource Management
The world's largest human resource management association.  Select HR Resources for access to sites on human resources.

Employment Laws

Everyday Employment Law
(Reference and Nonfiction 344.7301 GUERIN -- Bend)
Covers basic information about employment law.  Specifics about state laws are found throughout the book.

Federal Employment Laws
(Reference and Nonfiction 344.7301 DELPO -- Bend)
A compendium of federal employment laws.  See the also the federal web site called elaws.  Select the FirstStep Employment Law Advisor to determine which federal laws apply to your business.  See also the sections on Pay & Benefits, Safety & Health, Workplace Posters, Youth Employment, and Veteran's Issues.

Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries
This is a must-visit site if you have employees.  The labor laws for Oregon are found here including those regarding wages and hours.

Accounting, Accounting & Bookkeeping
Online access to articles and web sites targeted to small businesses.

Accounting Handbook
(Reference 657 SIEGEL -- Bend)
Covers all aspects of accounting.  A handy compendium for any small business.

Keeping the Books
(Nonfiction 657.2 PINSON -- Bend, La Pine, Redmond)
A popular title that shows you how to set up record-keeping systems, prepare financial statements, analyze cash flow, and more. Generously illustrated with sample forms and worksheets.

Managing Budgets
(Nonfiction 658.154 BROOKSON -- Bend, Redmond, Sisters)
In 72 pages, this pocket-sized book begins with a basic explanation of budgets and their purpose, the goes on to illustrate how to prepare one, write one, and monitor one.

Small Business Accounting Simplified
(Nonfiction 657.904 SITARZ -- Bend, La Pine, Redmond, Sisters)
Explains all the fundamentals of small business bookkeeping and accounting.  Includes samples of forms, instructions, questionnaires, checklists, and tax forms for setting up and managing the accounts for any small business.

Handbooks & Forms

Ten-Second Business Forms
(Reference 651.29 ADAMS -- Bend, La Pine)
Over 200 sample forms and charts ready for copying.

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
Click on Forms or Publications for access to Oregon business related information.  Note also access to the Licenses, Permits, and Registrations database.

Webster’s Home and Office Handbook
(Reference 651 WEBSTER’S -- Bend, Redmond)
(Nonfiction 651 WEBSTER'S -- Bend, La Pine, Redmond, Sunriver)
Provides a complete guide to business English and  model formats for business letters, memos, and reports.


Best’s Insurance Reports, Life/Health
(Reference 368.3 BEST’S -- Bend, Redmond)
Best’s Insurance Reports, Property/Casualty
(Reference 368.1 BEST’S -- Bend, Redmond)
Companion volumes from the leader in providing insurance information and ratings.  For each company it gives a brief history, management, assets and liabilities, investment data, Best's rating, etc. Best rating criteria are thoroughly explained and are often quoted in articles about insurance companies.

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Last modified on Thursday, October 22, 2009